Anti-smoking Ads and the past generations katlyn glass

As a young adult today I know the harm smoking can do, but what about the generations before us? Today's youth is easily persuaded, by ads, peers, and all that falls in between; so of course the anti-smoking ads reach them.

MTV, Vice and many other big networks play their anti-smoking ads on a loop all day long around the clock . This is great and due to this the amount of young smokers has dramatically decreased. The problem is the media is missing a huge demographic of smokers, the older generations.

By the major ant-smoking campaigns airing on networks that are more geared toward the younger generation, they are missing a majority of the older generation by not airing on popular networks for them as well. The older generations have been smoking for several years. Our generation knows better, we have seen the dangers and health implecation's from smoking. The problem is we are telling them that smoking is bad, yet we don't give them proper information or resources to help them stop.

To help this issue stop completely, smoking ads need to venture out farther than the teen shows and magazines. According to Los Angeles times our parents generation views television 15% more than we actually do. They may not continuously texting and tweeting they are still involved in todays media. This bias that older people are done with that stage of their life I detrimental to our society.

If anti-smoking ads were to be played on at least one network adults view, the effectiveness of the ads would almost double. Breathing issues and lung cancer are just two of the health issues caused by smoking. As Americans the prevention of these diseases shouldn't be limited to young adults. The habit that's now ruining adults lives across the world, a lot of times started out as a social activity.

In the past generations smoking was a huge part of being social, this social activity is now ruining their lives. Due to the lack of exposure many may not even realize the harmful effects it could have on your body until it is too late. By creating more exposure and eliminating the bias in smoking ads we could save many lives, and improve the health of millions.

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