Once Upon a Park The story of disney parks

The Creation and Opening of Disneyland

Walt Disney did not have the money to create the park and had to use his savings, borrow money, and sold his second house. He then made a deal with ABC for $500000 cash and 4.5 million in loans in exchange he would make them a weekly cartoon

Disneyland opened on July 17,1955. This opening was over crowded due to someone sending out fake invitations. The rides broke down through out the day and they ran out of food and water.

The Creation and Opening of Disneyworld

Announcements for Disney world came out in November 16, 1965. The park opened in Orlando Florida on October 1, 1965.

Sadly Walt Disney died before the construction for the park was finished. This statue is now at the front of the park in his memory.

Disney Expansions

Disneyland's New Orleans Square opened on July 4, 1966. One of the main attractions in this section is the Haunted Mansion.

Disneyland's Bear Country opened on March 4, 1972. This was originally part of Frontier Land and then broke off. The name was latter changed to Critter Country in 1989 before it's main attraction Splash Mountain opened.

Epcot opened at Disney World on October 1, 1982 costing $1.2 billion dollars. This section of the park resembles a world fair with different sections for each country.

MGM Studios opened May 1, 1989 as part of Disney World. This section of the park gave visitors a behind the scenes look at the movie making process.

Animal kingdom opened on April 12,1998. This is the largest Disney park to date spanning more than 500 acres. This park section is centered around animal conservation and has around 315 animals living in the park.

Disney land added Toonland on January 24, 1993. This section of the park was built for younger visitors. This section of the park is known for resembling Disney cartoons.


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