Netgev Hura,Arad,Dimona

In March, the three NetGev centers of Dimona, Hura and Arad officially opened.
Ribbon-cutting ceremony at NetGev Hura.
Nice to meet you! The NetGev Management Team: Yarden Ben Lulu, Dimona. Veronika Yerushalmi, Arad, and Dani Gadaev, Hura, together with Pnina Avital, Director of the Lauder Center
Staff training: Learning to use the tools and technology of Cisco in their national headquarters.
NetGev Dimona’s First Entrepreneur. Dima, Gostianner, 25, is a web developer who is creating hybrid web applications. He recently moved to Dimona and began using the center as his work space 2 months ago. Dima is thrilled with the center, and believes it will be the perfect home for software professionals. “It’s a different world from sitting alone at home, or in a café with a laptop.” Dima is currently developing an application for a client in Central Israel, while he sits in this technological center in the middle of the Negev!
NetGev- We would love to speak with you about a model of potential partnerships.
We love to host. This time, at NetGev Arad, Einat Eitan, academic manager of communication at Cisco Israel, and Rick Blaker, Manager of Cisco Israel, Holland, Belgium and Luxenburg.
"The course really changed my entire perception of the region and gave me a reason to continue living here," said one of the participants in the course.
Hands-on Lab at NetGev Dimona.
End of first part of training course for technician and communications certification in Arad.
Arabic language article about NetGev Hura
HaTzvi, an Arad publication, wrote about NetGev Arad on their site and facebook page.
NetGev Centers are listed on Spacing, a website that lists workspaces.
Last Thursday we were honored to host Dov Moran, inventor of the USB flashdrive. Dov spoke about entrepreneurship, and addressed the obstacles he encountered throughout his career. The lecture took place at the Dimona NetGev Center, and was broadcast live in two-way communication to the centers in Arad and Hura. There were 120 attendees at the three centers, including many business owners and entrepreneurs, who were able to participate and ask questions.
Coming Soon: An Entrepreneurship course!

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