Trip to the Harn what is the good life?

Frida Paints Self-Portrait while Diego Watches by Bernard Silberstein

Oftentimes, Photography is an underrated medium, just because it is assumed to be the easiest to master, as it just requires one to be able to click a button. However, I believe that photography is the realest form of art, because it showcases the obvious. This particular work is interesting because it documents the production of another famous art piece. By taking a picture of Frida Kahlo, Silberstein reminds his audience that Kahlo's work requires labor and that it was actually created by a real person, a real artist. The fact that the picture is in black and white not only dates the photograph but also allows the audience to focus on the subject and message of the photograph, and not be distracted by colors or patterns. I found this picture striking because I am a fan of Frida Kahlo and I had always been fascinated by her art and obsession with self portraits. This photograph communicated the idea that art is not born, but created and that it takes time and work to create a piece like Kahlo's. The art made me feel proud of Frida Kahlo.

Do Women Have to be Naked to Get Into the Met Museum? by Guerilla Girls

Walking through the Museum I came across the Intra-Action: Women Artists from the Harn Collection Exhibit and was immediately attracted to it. It was in the Modern Art section of the Museum, which is my favorite form of art. The work was very different because it was composed of photographs and computer generated typography. It waws in a very well lit area of the museum, which allowed me to read every piece of art. The art is arranged in a grid like collage which allows to see everything all at once and then choose to focus on what particularly attracts your attention. The exhibit and the work in it, that highlighted the role of women in Modern Art made me feel angry and empowered. It gave me a lot of energy.

Woman's Wedding Ensemble (asherab nabuak) by the Amazigh People of Siwa, Egypt

For centuries it has been argued whether fashion and clothing can be considered art. Mostly because very few people grasp the conept of fashion provoking different emotions on people. However, this particular dress provokes an emotion I associate with pride and tradition. As a first generation immigrant, culture and tradition are very important values to me. I saw this particular wedding dress and immediately began thinking about the Siwa people that wear this dress and their culture. I then thought about what sets my Colombian culture apart from others, allowing me to feel pride in my culture and reminding me to continue to practice my Colombian traditions. In such a rapidly changing era in time, it is very easy to set aside the things that make you different and conform to a westernized life style. This dress reminded me that there are people, in Egypt and all over the world, that remain true to their cultures and traditions.

Midtown Composite by Yvonne Jacquette

In my personal opinion, a Good Life is a life of simplicity. I believe that this particular work created by Yvonne Jacquette portrays simplicity. In it, she woodcuts Midtown New York City, a place so busy and bustling and turns it into an array of lines and shapes, portraying the simplicity of things. We often forget that even when things are busy and chaotic, they are often a result of a combination of the simplest of things. I am particular to Manhattan because it is my favorite place in the world, so I will admit that I was initially attracted to this work because of that. However, as I spent more time looking at it, I realized that to from far away it looks like an array of simple polygons and lines. (Or maybe that's what my horrible eyesight led me to see) But once I got closer and determined the shapes I became more enthralled. Once i read that the medium was woodcut I became fascinated by how simple this work is, and how simple it makes one of the busiest areas in the world look.

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