2018 ~ A Photographic Review ~

A Year in Review ~ 2018

A photographer is always busy and 2018 was no exception for me, bouncing around Switzerland, the UK, France, Italy, and, a little randomly, Estonia, with plenty of great photographic opportunities.

I often get asked what I'm up to and where I've been photographing so as a result, I thought it would be a fun, but also admittedly a completely shameless exercise in self-promotion, to throw together a few of the more striking shots from last year in a mini-presentation for you all to enjoy - should have done it in January! Sorry! 😝



The world is a big place - lots to photograph! Living in the mountains, there's always something to try and capture...

(Click on all images to view full screen.)

Zermatt with a hiding Matterhorn
Chalet Les Anges ~ the best ski chalet in the world
Anyone want to go to Rivendell?

Of course, the mountains are really about the snow...

and last winter we had a LOT of it...
... all across the Alps!

But I didn't stay in the mountains all year...

Amongst other places, a brief sojourn in Italy...
Taking in Tuscany ...
Roma, the City of Love ...
And a glimpse of Siena from afar - something to go back for perhaps?

But home is always where the heart is ~ Verbier.

Verbier during the Perseid Shower in August 2018
An infrared shot of Verbier in the late afternoon.
Martigny, Verbier & Mont Fort in the far distance.


I photographed some stunning weddings in 2018, and I love doing them just as much as I ever have - the joy, love and sense of occasion never gets old.

(Psst! A few dates still available for 2019! Read more here. )

Alex & Lucy ~ Tuscany

Char & Rollo ~ Sussex

Tiggy & Michael ~ Sussex

Sarah & Dominic ~ Maxstoke Castle

Tocky & George ~ Norfolk


And then there were the parties, and boy, what parties...!

Weddings, mountain snow tables, birthdays, mess dinners, guidon parades, circus schools, regimental bbqs, ski racing, fireworks, music and lots and lots of dancing!

Don't stop the party! 💃🕺

New Year's Eve ~ Verbier

And finally, of course, the traditional Verbier end-of-year send off in Place Centrale... 😝


For a couple of months in 2018, I was lent a baby Dji Mavic Spark. After generating a few interesting shots (and also a little video), I'm now saving up for my own... Watch this space - big things coming in 2019!


I was very lucky to be the official photographer at a couple of major military events in 2018 - Guidon Parades for separately The Royal Wessex Yeomanry and The Queen's Own Yeomanry, attended by TRH The Earl of Wessex and The Prince of Wales respectively.

It was a real honour to be in involved with both, and even more so to be invited to take the formal portrait of HRH The Earl of Wessex and the Regimental Photograph for the QOY - thank you to everyone instrumental in making two very memorable days.

The Royal Wessex Yeomanry (RWxY)

The CO leads dawn sword drill in the already sweltering heat.
A St George's Cross is substituted for the Guidon during rehearsals.
The RWxY doing the final dress rehearsal.
The Regimental Second-in-Command salutes the the Commanding Officer.
HRH The Earl of Wessex inspecting the RWxY.
My formal portrait of the Royal Honorary Colonel, HRH The Earl of Wessex.
The RWxY advances in Review Order.

The Queen's Own Yeomanry (QOY)

The RSM grips the regiment at the dawn Muster Parade.
The QOY on parade for the final rehearsal
HRH Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales inspects the QOY.
The new guidon of the QOY on its drumhead.
The Regiment assembles for the Regimental Photograph.
The Queen's Own Yeomanry.


I also deployed to Estonia in September to embed with the YORKS battlegroup to see how they were getting on with our NATO allies, the Estonians and the Danish.

Axle grinding with the REME.
Lined up and ready to go.
I even managed to meet the President of Estonia and the British Ambassador in Narva right on the border with Russia.
Beards were a hot topic of conversation as the Danish are allowed them but not the British - British (left) & Danish (right).
The Danish infantry on exercise.
Vehicle Recovery - Danish (left) being recovered by British (right).
2 YORKS soldiers live firing.
The winner of the DANCON March - 16km with 10kg under two hours.
2 YORKS on parade with their Battalion Colours as they said farewell to their outgoing Commanding Officer.


I'm always slightly amazed by the amount of food photography I naturally do through the course of a year; I love doing it but it never helps the waistline... 😝

You name it, I get to eat it...!


There are some pretty amazing buildings and chalets in the Alps and I've been lucky to get a camera into some of the best of them, including the winner of 'The Best Ski Chalet in the World 2018', Les Anges, Zermatt.

Chalets, marquees, restaurants, cooking schools, and everything in between...


It's a universal rule of photography that wherever you go, when people discover you are a photographer, that they want you to take a picture of 'me and my mates'...

I believe it's a quality mark of the photographer as to whether they can deliver...

The Queen's Own Yeomanry on the occasion of the Presentation of the Guidon by HRH The Prince of Wales.
Champagne on the mountainside?
Just Married!
2 YORKS BG Officers & Warrant Officers
Ready to smash the DANCON March.
The QOY Guidon Party at Bramham House
Some of the other awesome people I photographed in 2018...


Rescuing your images from digital darkness.

I'm also super-proud to announce the completion of a total labour of love I've been working on for a couple of years; Ansel & Fox is a full-service 'image-concierge' and our new website is now fully live and ready for use.

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The Natural History Museum ~ Christmas 2018.

And there we go... A pretty packed year all told, but now you know when you ask me how I fill my time! If you'd like to see more photography, please look at my website below, and I promise I'm going to be better at blogging this year as well!

So, thank you for getting to the end of my little 2018 summary, and, of course, if you need an extremely versatile events photographer for anything forthcoming - a wedding, a party, a jaunt to Antarctica, or something else - please just ping me a quick email or WhatsApp message and we'll take it from there.

Ciao, Ed xx

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