Jerry The Bear Interactive toy that teaches children to manage chronic conditions

Jerry the Bear is a toy bear that is helping children in the US that are newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes learn how to manage their condition. There are sensors on Jerry’s paws that let children check his blood sugar. His mouth detects different carb levels when he is “fed” with food discs. A blood sugar computer screen on his chest displays the doseage of insulin Jerry needs. And children then practice injecting insulin on his legs, arm and bottom. Jerry went on sale last year after testing 29 prototypes with more than 350 families around the US.

Jerry the Bear helps families with kids that have type 1 diabetes see the condition as not as scary. This technology helps the kids see themselves like anyone else. Jerry the Bear allows kids to take care of him by feeding him a healthy diet and keeping his blood sugar in a good range by counting carbs and matching insulin doses. When Jerry’s blood sugar goes high or low, Jerry speaks his symptoms, encouraging kids to recognize how they feel. This teaches kids how to take care of themselves as well making it less scary.


21 interactive storybooks

6 injection sites and 4 tickle spots

Easy to clean asthma friendly fabric

Lithium-ion rechargeable battery

Jerry the Bear is priced at $299!

THESIS:Jerry the Bear is a technology that is perfect for kids with type 1 diabetes that helps them and their families view their condition as less scary, more understandable and allow kids to fully understand what they have. This technology helps society by not allowing diabetes to be scary, but as something that can be worked through and be seen as normal.

Jerry the Bear was created by Sproutel.

In 2014, Jerry the Bear was sold to 4% of children newly diagnosed and made it into 25% of pediatric endocrinologist offices in the US.

After reaching over 2% of children newly diagnosed last year, here’s what parents are saying:

In conclusion, this technology created by Sproutel has impacted many lives and is changing the way that kids and families view type 1 diabetes in kids. It is a comfort to know that the kids are being informed of how to treat their condition and to not be scared or afraid of it or to see themselves as different.


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