Tehuti Ma'at Garden Brooklyn


Tehuti Ma'at is entering the fourth year of the Organic Food for the People (OFFTP) initiative. We started this Urban Farm mission with the rehabilitation of this dilapidated garden in the historical WEEKSVILLE community. We’re working toward transforming Tehuti Ma’at Community Garden and healing space into a thriving FARM!

We started OFFTP as a holistic response to the plethora of health issues plaguing our neighborhoods, including diabetes and obesity. It has been a protracted struggle to get people in the neighborhood out of the Popeyes and McDonalds lines and into the garden.

Building community via our educational food and health RAWorkshops

Teaching our community how to GROW organic produce

Providing our community with locally grown organic fruits and vegetables

OFFTP addresses neighborhood health directly by connecting and organizing people who live in our neighborhood to actually function as a community.

Organic Food for the People at Tehuti Ma'at Garden
Our youth from Brooklyn Children's Center

Our initiative has pushed us to dig our roots deeper into the core of the problem: EDUCATION.

“The rate of avoidable adult diabetes hospitalizations in Brownsville is the highest in the city, more than twice the Brooklyn and citywide rates,” according to New York state records.

When it comes to obesity our neighborhood ranks 11th in NYC. In this same neighborhood, which boasts the second highest incarceration rate of NYC, many have normalized the toxic so-called foods in the bodegas and fast food restaurants.

Back 2 School Food Workshop with Kemetic Kids

Our initiative roots deeper into the core of the problem via EDUCATION

Sankofa Youth Workshop
Afro-Ecology 101 with Black Dirt Farm
Womb Healing Circles for Black Women
Collaborations with Local Schools


Educational + Interactive

Hood vs. Community: Awareness & Community Building Workshop

Grow Your Own Food: Gardening & Farming Basics Workshop

Transition Your Kitchen: Plant-based Meal Planning & Prep Workshop

Race and Food Justice: PoliTRICKS of Food, Race & Class | Solutions

ROOTS Ancestral Medicine: Roots & Herbs | Ancestral Healing Remedies

Live-it vs Die-it: Transforming Your Lifestyle | Holistic Healing Workshop

Herbal Verbal Therapy: Open Mic & Tasting | Basics of Herbalism

Holistic Healing

Food Soverignty

Group Economics

ORGANIC FOOD FOR THE PEOPLE is an active educational program because we know that having gardens and healthy food options at this point is just not facing the ROOT of the problem.


Our vision is to develop our own  FOOD COOPERATIVE

Cooperative Businesses end cycles of poverty. We have already started one co-op venture: Coins & Cowries

This Healing Bar offers a selection of healing products, including herbal products grown via Organic Food for the People.

We have grown over 220 pounds of produce and held over 33 health/food workshops, as well as exhibits for local artists, art workshops, open mics, performances and more, but we still have a long way to go to reach the heart of this neighborhood.

This final stretch will take us to scale. It is critical for OFFTP because we need Tehuti Ma’at Garden to be a sustainable farm model other gardens can implement.

We couldn't do it without our community...

Thank you to all of the volunteers making this a reality!
Planting Seeds
Making Healthy Organic Peanut Butter Cups
Fruiggie Arts & Crafts
Apple Tree Climbing
Neighborhood Beautification
Beautification ART Workshop
Delicious Plant-based Meals

What we need...

40 cubic yards of organic soil

Compost and organic fertilizer

Eco-paint for beautification

Farming equipment and tools

Water purification system

Rainwater conservation

Drip irrigation system

Seeds and plant starts

Building supplies

Maintenance supplies

Trellising system

Outreach materials

Workshop materials

Food for workshops

Work gear for volunteers

Facilitator Stipends

Project Director Stipend

Program Coordinator Stipend

Before Pictures

Rehabilitating the Garden


Priscilla & Preston | Co-Founders & Directors of Tehuti Ma'at

We need your support...


Priscilla & Preston at grow@tehutimaat.org