Ronald Reagan By connor mcclung

Early life

Ronald Reagan was born in Tampico Illinois, United States of America on February 6th, 1911. Ronald lived in Tampico but then later moved to Dixon Illinois where he was raised by his father Jack Reagan and mother Nelle Reagan, he also had had one older brother Neil Reagan. Ronald Reagan was an active child who loved sports and acting and which did both through his whole childhood. Ronald Reagan was also very active in school work as well. Ronald Reagan was a religious child growing up in a presbyterian church.

Education / Early Career

Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan went to Silas Willard Elementary School for 1st grade, Monmouth CentralSchool for 2nd and 3d grade, Tampico Grade School for 4th and 5th. Then he went to SouthCentral Grammar School for 6th through 8th, then to Dixon High School for 9th through 12th. For college he went to Eureka College and graduated with a degree in Economics and Sociology. One of Ronald Reagan’s biggest mentors was his dad Jack Reagan, he taught Ronald his work ethic which helped shape him to the person he was. Ronald Reagan after college went into acting and had a good career in Hollywood California being an actor. Early in his career he got married Jane Wyman, then later got divorced in his earlier life time.

Adult Life / Career

Ronald Reagan started his career acting, and then later moved into politics. After he finished his acting career he got into politics, becoming the governor of California and then the president of the United States. Ronald Reagan had five children, 3 daughters and 2 sons. Ronald Reagan married twice, first to Jane Wyman and then second to Nancy Reagan. Ronald Reagan served 8 years, having many accomplishments in office. Ronald Reagan died on June 4th 2004, He was 93 when he died. He died of alzheimer's in Bel Air, California.

What impact Did This Person Have on Your Society / Accomplishments

Ronald Reagan had a very large impact on his society, not necessarily mine because not as many people care about politics. He was a very good president who accomplished a lot in his time. He had the Berlin Wall tore down, helped make great economic plans called Reaganomics, helped communicate with the people and was overall well liked. In fact most people even say he was one of the best president this country has ever had. His legacy was being the great communicator, tearing down the Berlin Wall, defeating Russia as a country economically and creating Reaganomics. Ronald Reagan had a large impact on me, he is actually one of my mentors. He was a good president, strong christian, giving person who i think is very interesting and would like to learn more about.

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