Scholars Academy Exemplifies Excellence Fall 2019 Midterm Wrap Up

There are six weeks remaining in the fall 2019 semester. Scholars Academy participants continue to have a smooth transition at Middle Tennessee State University. Scholars successfully completed their first collegiate midterm exams and met one on one with Scholars Academy staff members to review midterm grades, discuss their major selections, and prepare them for advising appointments. While Scholars are taking care of business in the classroom, they are also getting involved in campus activities. Several events are highlighted below that demonstrate the Scholars Academy campus involvement.

SCHOLARS ACADEMY STUDENT ORGANIZATION Meetings Every Second Wednesday of the Month

Scholars Academy Assistant Manager, Travis Strattion, leading a Scholars 2019 session.

Please join the Scholars Academy student organization for the next meeting on Wednesday, November 13th at 4:00 pm. This meeting will discuss the campus and community activities members will participate in this fall and spring. All students interested in becoming a peer mentor for the Scholars Academy 2020 Cohort must be active members of our Scholars Academy student organization.

Scholars Academy presents the Black Male Lecture Series. In an effort to retain and graduate more Black males. The lecture series hosts Black male professionals from a variety of backgrounds who are successful in their careers. Although the focus is on Black males, all student are welcome.

The first guest speaker for the Black Male Lecture Series was Derek Young. Derek Young has worked in several industries and has been the first of many. He was the first member of his family to attend a private school when he started Saint Louis University High School at age 12. He was the first member of his family to attend college when he started entering Rockhurst College at age 16. He was the first member of his family to enter the corporate world, when he joined the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, as an Internal Auditor at age 20.

His career took him to several more important firsts. He was the first Communications Analyst for the Collections Division at Sprint Global Headquarters in Kansas City. He was the first Director of Continuous Process Improvement and the first Director of Corporate Social Responsibility for Dollar General Corporation in Nashville, Tennessee. While he was there, he helped more than 1,500 people transition from receiving welfare to earning a full-time job with benefits. He was the first Director of Diversity for Cracker Barrel. He helped Cracker Barrel improve national customer relations and improve their national image. He was also the first person to become a national subject matter expert, local staff member and business coordinator of the year for INROADS.

Since 1987, he has worked with more than 5,000 youth in a variety of youth development programs and he has helped more than 1,200 students enter more than 60 colleges across America.

Derek Young is pictured to the left with Associate Vice Provost for Student Success, Dr. Vincent Windrow.

The next lecture will be November 21st at 5:30 pm. The guest speakers will provide a wealth of knowledge and practical tips on career development. Email Travis.Strattion@mtsu.edu or Brelinda.Johnson@mtsu.edu for more information.

SCHOLARS ACADEMY 2019 Cohort Received Free T-Mobile Hot Spots

During the Scholars Academy mid-semester meet-up on October 17, 2019, Scholars were motivated and encouraged to be resilient and complete their first semester successfully. Vice Provost for Student Success, Dr. Rick Sluder, highlighted the importance of making connections and using campus resources. Bruce Petryshak, Vice President of Information Technology, provided Scholars with a resource to assist them with their education needs. The 2019 Scholars Academy Cohort were surprised and gifted with a T-Mobile hot spot that will give them access to high speed internet on the go, unlimited data, and connectivity for up to 15 devices. Scholars will have the benefit of using this device through May 2020.

2019 Scholars Academy Mid Semester Meet Up and T- Mobile Hot Spot Give Away

SCHOLARS ACADEMY Assistant Manager Spotlight

Travis Strattion joined the Scholars Academy team in June 2019. He is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University and is excited to serve the campus again. A native New Yorker, Travis moved to Memphis, Tennessee as an adolescent. As a first generation student, he is eager to provide students with the knowledge he's gained throughout his academic and professional career. He is dedicated to student success and it shows through his hard work. Travis makes it his obligation to guide students to successful pathways through one on one meetings, phone calls, text messages and emails. The Office of Student Success and Scholars Academy are grateful to have such a great colleague.

Travis Strattion, Scholars Academy Assistant Manager, received the TASSR Outstanding Student Award.
Travis Strattion and Kelly Hill facilitate the documentary "The Mask You Live" sponsored by the MTSU Engaging Men Committee.

Pictured to the left is Travis Strattion with peer mentor Karrington Duncan at the 2019 Freshmen Summer Institute closing ceremony.

Scholars Academy Peer Mentors

Make Homecoming court

MTSU 2019


Congratulations to our Scholars Academy 2019 peer mentors, Kayle Boyd (KB) and Marious Freemon (Smooth). These wonderful Scholars made it onto the 2019 MTSU Homecoming Court. See them pictured below.

Marious Freemon (left) and Kayle Boyd(right).
2018 Homecoming King and Queen and Scholars Academy peer mentors, Georgette Redmond and Rakeem Murphy passed their crowns to the 2019 Homecoming King and Queen during a rainy Saturday afternoon.

Priority Registration Reminder

Priority registration begins on November 4th. Most Scholars will register on November 13th and 14th. If Scholars need assistance with registration feel free to stop by Peck Hall 142 from 9:00 am - 3:30 pm to see Ms. Brelinda or Mr. Travis to help you register for Spring 2020 courses. No appointment is necessary for registration assistance.

Scholars Academy ONLINE Student Success Center Resource page

If you need assistance finding information about advising, tutoring, or the writing center, click on the link below.