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Gage Jackson-Information Technology
Prior to starting Upward Bound, I wasn't sure if I wanted to go to college. Honestly, I don't think I cared about it. UB helped me realize college is a realistic goal for me. UB helped me set a path I can follow to help me succeed and go to college. -Gage Jackson
Kristin Kirkman-BioChemistry
Before Upward Bound I thought a leader had to be extroverted, but I'm an introvert. With the help of Upward Bound, I've discovered I can be an introvert and a leader. -Kristin Kirkman
Royce Duncan Mechanical Engineering
UB has really helped me realize I don't have to face all of my problems on my own. Whether I'm struggling in calculus, reading a book in Spanish or just need opinions on things in my life, I know I can count on people to be there for me. This is important because I tend to try and face things on my own and when looking back I probably should've just asked for help. -Royce Duncan

Slade McLaughlin

Slade McLaughlin Chemical Engineering
Upward Bound gave me a family full of mentors that helped me grow as a person. They showed me there are plenty of people out there like me and has made me feel accepted for who I am. - Slade McLaughlin


Carly DelaBarre

Carly DelaBarre

Heavyn Olea

Chad larson

Cheyenne, CAt, Sammi, and Lily

Chantell Schultz

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