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10+ years in the making; garnering widespread support for alternative medicine is a personal goal for the future. Looking beyond existing biomedical approaches on medicine, alternative medicine providers can elucidate on the various innovative methods that could prove useful in providing relief for the various ailments of chronically ill patients. My approach on this involves understanding the effects of various types of music on chemical pathways in the brain. Knowing these chemical pathways are the same currently implicated in modern pharmacotherapy, - psychiatric medicine could see a broad range of benefits as the effects of music in mental health therapy are better understood.
With support from existing movements in medicine, alternative medical practitioners of the future are likely to see increased monetary research aid as current alternatives in medicine are legitimized. As this movement is currently underway, it would likely be 5-10 years before mainstream scientific research begins to support existing suggestions for alternative medicine.
While depending on existing advances in biomedicine; the future of alternative medicine integrates advances of modern biomedical science with innovative approaches on treating chronic mental illness. I expect a career as a medical laboratory technologist to take 1-2 years after obtaining a bachelors in Interdisciplinary Science with a premedical focus. While my ultimate goal involves practicing psychiatric medicine, maintaining fluency in modern medicinal techniques via other health professions
Expanding your awareness further, there are movements in music culture currently existing that understanding the relationship between music and one's self-concept. Contemporary music collective: Soulection; is an excellent example of a music culture working to blend gaps in music appreciation created by divisive genres. Thus, Soulection works to create common ground in the shared experience of music appreciation. Getting involved in the Soulection movement and seeing it bring many types of people and music genres together is a continuing personal feat. Understanding why this music is uniquely appreciated across an audience of highly diverse qualities would likely be key in understanding the nature of the universal mental connection made with music.

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