What shapes our sense of belonging? EXPLORING COMMUNITY

Found in Translation

Kehilah, rooted in ק.ה.ל, creates a link between people (kahal) and the act of assembling together (hitkahalut) that defines what it means to become part of a community.

The author David Grossman said, "when I write, I can feel what it is like to be someone else."

1. The root ק.ה.ל also signals an outer gaze (kahal as audience). How is the tension between looking at something versus being a part of something expressed in the poems?

2. We are part of various communities in different ways. What does it mean to be an active member within a community?

3. How do the communities to which you belong shape your identities?

Credits: Image 1, Anat Wiess; Image 2, Rachel Oran; Image 3, Anat Wiess; Image 4, Anat Wiess