Magnus Chase: The Sword of Summer Rick RIordan

Magnus Chase wasn't a fortunate kid, growing up... His father left, years ago, for reasons that were not known... When he was fourteen, his mother died, in their apartment, but of what, Magnus doesn't know. Now, two years after the tragedy, after living on the streets with his other homeless friends, Hearth and Blitz, the distute sixteen year old now has to fight for his life against the Norse fire god, Surt... But, he ends up losing... The newly dead hero finds himself in Valhalla, the place where people go, if they died bravely, to train for Ragnorok, a series of events that includes a great battle where many gods, humans, and monsters will die. In Valhalla, Magnus learns that he is the son of the Norse god, Frey, which made sense to Magnus, as he thought about it more and more. But, soon enough, Magnus started to yearn for Midgard, one of the Nine Worlds, where humans live. Then, soon afterward, he meets up with Blitz and Hearth, because they used the world tree to reach him. So, Magnus, Blitz and Hearthstone used the recycling chute to escape, while Magnus' housemates cover him. After getting to Midgard, the team, with Sam now joining them, they get word of a ferocious beast, whose restainments are getting loose, and will be free soon.. So, the group of four has to embark on a journey to get something to strengthen the binds that holds that murderous creature... But will they be successful in their quest? Find out in "Magnus Chase: The Sword of Summer"

Magnus Chase played by Chris Hemsworth

Blitzen played by Kevin Hart

Hearthstone played by Jesse Bernstein

Samirah "Sam" al-Albas played by Odeya Rush

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