Lucky is the Preparedness Dog that also serves as KGH's mascot.

When we found Lucky in the animal shelter he didn't have a name. We were lucky to find him, so we named him Lucky. We brought him home and gave him a new mission. Lucky enjoys working in his community and helping others.

He serves. He protects. He teaches.

Some say that luck has nothing to do with preparedness. That may be true, but Lucky the Preparedness DogĀ® certainly does!

KGH has assembled an extraordinary team of training, security, and preparedness experts to offer a Preparedness Review approach to assist organizations in navigating the myriad of security, emergency, and safety plans, regulations, compliance, and audit requirements.

The newest way Lucky is helping KGH teach others is through his Safety Activity & Coloring Book. The goals of the activities in the book are to help children learn a variety of safety tips and to teach listening skills so they can be prepared in any situation. One way Lucky does this is by teaching kids to harness their Safety Super Powers.

What are Safety Super Powers

Safety Super Powers are preparedness tips and skills distilled down to their simplest form and presented in a way that children can understand.

Lucky Says:

"When you need to run in an emergency your powers of Super Speed and Super Stealth are triggered. Super Speed allows you to be faster than any threat, but only activate this power when a teacher tells you to do so! It's important when you're running away from a threat that the bad guy doesn't see you, so you can activate your Super Stealth power to be extra quiet and escape a threat."

With these Super Powers activated you are a hero protecting yourself and those around you

"Education is in our individual and corporate DNA." - Kathleen L. Kiernan, Ed.D, Founder Kiernan Group Holdings

We believe that preparedness is mindset that everyone can learn and apply, as ordinary really, as fastening your seatbelt without thinking about it. It is a skillset that can be learned at a very early age and carried throughout life.

By relating preparedness skills to ordinary activities, the Safety Activity and Coloring Book allows children to incorporate preparedness into their everyday life.

Preparedness is a mindset that is applicable throughout life, from classroom to board room.
Just a few of the great activities included it the book

Preparedness is a mindset and the foundation for resiliency at an individual and community level which requires a holistic approach, not a single-threaded tactical solution.

If you would like to purchase a copy of Lucky's Safety Activity & Coloring book please contact us at info@gotpreparedness.com