Gender Identity How has gender identity changed through the years


Within the present and recent changes of certain laws of today, people have been able to express themselves more than ever, especially on the idea of gender identity.

Just recently Kristen Stewart revealed in an issue of Elle U.K., that she’s in love with a woman. And within this issue she even encouraged others struggling with their sexuality that their problems are ok and normal.

Another event, not so fairly recent, has been with a well known celebrity, Bruce Jenner, or now named, Caitlyn Jenner. She has had surgery to become a female instead of being a male. And with this event, the world came bursting out with acceptance and promotion.

This change in history has given a positive outlook on gender identity. But things weren’t always like this as you can imagine.

How it was Back Then

Society throughout all the years have always sought order between the differences whether it was the color of their skin or their gender.

Due to this process gender identity was introduced by scientist of the social nature who claimed men worked for money and provided a roof over their families head and gave food for the family so that they could survive. Another example about men that was given from "Into the Wild" is when Jon Krakaur the author had related with Chris McCandless about doing dangerous things like climbing mountains and living out in the Alaskan wild to which they both said to themselves they were unstoppable as long as they believed it. Around this time though if a woman were to try to accomplish these tasks people would simply not let them go while people for Chris helped him reach his goal which ultimately led to his death. Women were destined to take care of the kids and do all of the cooking and cleaning for the family they absolutely could not go to work or go to war because people of that time felt it was a man’s job.

Gender Identity going forward

As time started to head towards the 1950s - 1990s, the unsaid “rules” for women and gender have been more laxed and accepting towards people having problems with their gender identity and sexuality. But unfortunately, old habits die hard

In the 1990’s, Houston police were arresting many transwomen for using the woman’s restroom. These cases were held in a jury trial, however, and all transwomen who were arrested were found not guilty which soon caused police to halt on arresting transwomen for that offense

Our Editorials
Men and women may look different but are the same inside
Even though men evolved from women. I am you and you are me, we are equal.
Accept others despite who they are.


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