CART Forensic Lab Project 2

This project started with 4 different police reports that were all intertwined. The students read through the reports and created a timeline. Then they created a crime scene drawing using the computer program ScenePD. The students chose different evidence topics and became experts in how to collect and analyze that type of evidence. There were 3 big mock crime scenes that they went to collect their evidence.

Scene PD drawings of the crime scenes
Observing the crime scenes
Body group collecting the body at the scene
  1. Talk to first responding officers (get information), write down necessary information (case number, known information, times)
  2. Take photographs without number stands or scales (face, underside of body, area underneath body, clues to medical examiner)
  3. Sketch the body and its surroundings with measurements (remember to take measurements from fixed locations to the body or any evidence) in meters
  4. Put on gloves
  5. Measure height and width of body in centimeters and record it
  6. Apply scales and number stands to the body and already present wounds
  7. Take photographs with number stands and scales
  8. Take liver temperature with liver probe (determine location of the liver [liver is large, it is below the breast tissue, there is a left and right lobe but it doesn’t matter which one you choose to take the temperature of], insert liver probe, record the results) and ambient temperature (both noel and Kayli will be assisting each other on this)
  9. Write down time of collection
  10. Fill out toe tag
  11. Apply toe tag to body
  12. Lift body gently and wrap in clean white sheet
  13. Place body in body bag in the body-carrying vehicle
  14. Put away all materials used into their appropriate packaging and properly close packaging
  15. Remove gloves,
  16. Fill out chain of custody paper
  17. Start the chain of custody
  18. Transport body to morgue (without any stops!!!)

Shoeprint group collecting the evidence

Bones group collecting evidence

Each group had to determine the correct way to analyze their evidence. The made sure to use the correct techniques and follow the chain of custody.

Students researched how to analyze evidence. The body group performed an external exam, a fetal pig autopsy and determined the time since death of the deceased

External Exam

Shoeprint group analyzing their evidence

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