Mondays with Moms Getting to the heart of what really matters - You!

As Moms we are so busy caring for everyone else we put aside our dreams and goals to create a better life for our families. While those around us may recognize our sacrifice, they are learning by our example. Our ideal life experience begins with ourselves and overflows to those around us. We don't get a second chance to create our ideal TODAY!

The online version Mondays with Moms has been redesigned with you in mind - these are your sessions delivered on your timeline. Each section of the program consists of two prerecorded 15-minute classes - long enough to provide real value and short enough to fit into your busy schedule.

During this program you will:

  • begin with goal-setting (this is YOUR LIFE, stop putting yourself last),
  • explore self-awareness (who are you really?),
  • talk about habits (out with the old and in with the new),
  • examine intimate partnerships (you're not a "wife" - let's talk partner),
  • look at parenting (what emotional food are your feeding your kids?), and
  • we will close with abundance (what's your value? yup, we are discussing MONEY).


It's time to get clear on what you want!

The program is designed to start each week Monday at 8:00am...can't make it...don't worry because all the sessions are prerecorded and available all day every day (24/7).

Week 1 - We will go through an introduction of the program and direction on how to outline your goals using a proven-system to create the results you want for the next 6 weeks and beyond.

Week 2 - In between sessions you will take an online behavioral assessment for greater self-awareness and receive special BONUS VIDEOS to assist you in reviewing your results. During the sessions you will learn how to read the assessment and understand human behavior at a deeper level.

Week 3 - We will dive into habits - how they are made and why they are so hard to break. You will be introduced to techniques to breakdown habits that no longer serve you and create new long-lasting ones to help you get from where we are to where we want to be.

Week 4 - We will explore our most important relationship, the one with our partner (spouse). This session will focus on the impact neurology has on our love-life and you will receive tips and tricks to improving connection and intimacy in your relationship.

Week 5 - Often we parent based on our behavioral style not our child's. During this session we will look at our children from the inside out. You will learn to understand the development of a child's brain, their behavior and how to show up as our best-self during our child's most challenging moments.

Week 6 - We will discuss the many forms of abundance - love, health, spiritual - with specific focus on money. We will dive into limiting beliefs about money and explore your mindset about abundance.


This is YOUR time!

For $149 you will receive:

  • Access to (12) 15-minute Training Sessions - complete them in 6 weeks, 6 days or 6 hours, it's up to you;
  • DISC Assessment - an online behavioral assessment and report;
  • Access to Course Materials - pdf of all materials for you to reference and review after the program is complete; and
  • 20-minute live call with a certified LMT Consulting Coach.


Group coaching with Laura Treonze

Although my background as a coach provides me the expertise to discuss each of these topics, my life experience makes me uniquely qualified to teach them. I am committed to coaching by example. I have been blessed to create and live my ideal life. It's easy when you have the tools. During this 6-week program I want to give you the tools to do the same in your life.

For a complete resume visit me on LinkedIn.

For daily quotes, free stuff and so much more, visit my website at LMT Consulting.


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Laura Treonze


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