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peter + Jordan photography

Hello and welcome to our Peter + Jordan Photography information package. We are a husband and wife team, Jordan and I (Peter) are professional photographers based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We have specialised in professional photography for more than 8 years.

Apart from both taking images with a completely different eye, we both have our strengths giving you the best experience ever. Jordan is a talented makeup artists and will get you ready for your shoot, she is also an editing guru and edits specifically with a woman's critical eye, Jordan is also very creative with set design and posing. My strength lies with the technical side of the cameras and studio lighting and I do the marketing for the business. The cool thing about choosing us is that you get two completely different sets of images, one seen from the eye of a male and the other from a female, so you are getting two photographers for the price of one.

Images of Jordan living the boudoir brand. Being a mom or a career woman and more often both, causes you to hide your sensuality; step out into a Boudoir Photography Shoot and rediscover your sensual side...

Peter + Jordan Photography “Where an image is not just a picture, but an experience”

Why do a professional photography shoot?

Photography is becomming increasingly disposable with selfies and smart phones, many people no longer invest in wall art of themselves. We will strive to give you images that you would be proud to hang on your walls, print out into coffee table booklets or to put up in your corporate offices.

Wedding Photography

Here is what to expect

You have taken the leap and have decided to book a shoot with us. If at any stage you have any questions, Jordan or I will gladly guide you through the process.

We think that you should always do a little research on your photographer and one of the things to do would be to see their portfolio images as you will receive a similar type of image. Please visit our galleries page on our website to have a look at a few ideas.

wHY CHOOSE peter + Jordan pHOTOGRAPHY?

Finding the right professional photographer for can be difficult, sometimes intimidating. The first place to start is finding a professional team that you feel comfortable with and can relate to, from the photographer, makeup artist, creative director to the editing, our team has studied in all these areas, we keep up to date with the latest techniques and styles, creating not just an image but an experience that makes you go WOW. We have created a studio dedicated to our art, a fairy-tale land with over 10 dedicated, ever expanding sets (at present), a reception area, private changing areas, we see photography as more than earning a living, more than just taking a picture, every person has a story to tell and we want to capture your story.

Here are a few of our sets:

Boudoir Photography is becomming very popular as a give to your partner or yourself, as us about our boudoir options...

Bring your family in for a shoot!

We will take care of directing you as well as posing you, for your wall art...

Preparing for your shoot

If you are a woman we do recommend that you choose the optional make up session, as we only use make up that is suitable for photography, giving that extra edge to your images

Wear solid coloured clothing, you do not want your face to compete with what you wear.

Choose tones that are muted and possibly a bit subdued.

Try to choose similar tones for your bottom or your top, either light or dark.

Tops with sleeves all the way to the elbow are normally quite flattering, but not a necessity

Look at keeping your jewelry very minimalistic and simple.

If you are going for a beach look, go bare feet or wear flip flops, otherwise choose dark socks and shoes.

Your hair you can wear normally although we can arrange a stylist for you, please see the pricing options.

For men we would recommend long pants and then for ladies a skirt or dress coming below the knees, unless you are going for that sexy look, but then you should consider a Boudoir Photography shoot.

For men we recommend a clean shaved face, unless the stubble look is your usual look.

The night before get plenty of sleep, we recommend not going partying that night to look your best in the morning. Drink lots of water the week before the shoot. There is no need to crash diet and those spray. Try not to do anything dramatic with your hair such as a new cut of colour change, unless you have tried it before and know it works. We are not too fond of spray tans or fake tans, these tend to leave streaks or give an orange appearance on camera. We want you coming in looking and feeling your best on the day of the shoot.

Your big day...

The first thing we will get you to do once you arrive in the studio is to relax and let us do all of the work.

Jordan will then apply your makeup, if you have chosen this option, during this time your transformation to your liberating experience will begin. Jordan will also do her best to relax you, you have 30 to 40 minutes to chit chat, allowing those butterfly's to settle a little. Makeup usually takes around 30 minutes and does not form part of your shoot time. If you have purchased a basic hair curl Jordan will then do your hair. We do have an option of a stylist comming in to do your hair.

We will then take you to the set of our choice and then pose you for some gorgeous images.


Post production and editing on your boudoir photos will take approximately 14 to 21 working days, however if you need them quicker, we are able to accommodate you at a premium, with prior notice.

Standard Edits

R100 each

  • Colour Correction, here we adjust the exposure, colour temperature and tint, shadow compensation, saturation, vibrancy, contrast and clarity.
  • Skin Airbrushing.

Advanced/Premium Pro Edits

R250 each

Here we strive to give you more of a deluxe edit with a polished “magazine quality” finish to your images.

  • Colour Correction, as above.
  • Fixing your skin blemishes such as pimples and spots.
  • Having your wrinkles reduced.
  • Removing stretchmarks and cellulite from the skin.
  • Subtly reshaping body parts that may look unflattering.
  • Enhancing the eye colour and sharpness.
  • Smoothing your hair and filling in hairline or colour problems.
  • Dodging and Burning.
  • Converting to Black and White
  • Skin airbrushing.

We edit to our clients stipulation. We will go through the chosen boudoir photos with you and discuss what we feel should be edited, but the final nips and tucks are your decision. If your package includes a book we will do the layout and design of the book.

Post shoot

We will select your best images, edit them and have them either printed or finished to your specifications from our various options available. This usually takes between 14 - 21 working days.

senior photography

Senior Photography or High School/College Photography is becomming increasingly popular in South Africa, capture yourself in these formidable years.

Our studio is located in Randpark Ridge, Johannesburg, South Africa (close to Lifestyle Nursery)

Your investment

Price list for Portrait, Senior, Maternity and Baby Photography

Prices for birthdays, events, corporate and commercial photography

family photography prices

professional HEAD-SHOT photography prices


You have completed your shoot, how do you display your images? As part of some packages you will get images both printed and electronically. You also have the choice of a coffee table book in either A3 or A4, canvases, framed prints, your images placed on a DVD put to music and a number of different options.

optional add on prices

We look forward to seeing you soon

Regards Peter and Jordan

Jordan 082 551 8724

Peter 082 570 5763


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