Human subtropical Caitlin AsiA anD dion

Climate : hot and humid in summer and mild cool winter. Mostly rainfalls throughout the year.
Precipitation :Throughout the year and mostly in the summer. (At a average of 100 Cmm) Also there are many tropical storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Sometimes the polar mass can move a snowstorm in the subtropical areas.
The human subtropical is usually located on the coastline of countries. In southeast U.S, Southeast Asia, north and south equator.
Florida is an example of a human subtropical area in the U.S.
These are the type of animals that live in the subtropical area.
The vegetation has evergreens trees, bushes, and shrubs.

Questions : Where is Humid Subtropical located ? How many seasons does it have ? What is the temperature like ? How much precipitation falls ? What storms does the human subtropical have ? What two animals are predators?

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