The amount of Cars Sold per Year in Europe By Gemma Capano


Cars are one of the most important object/vehicle we all almost use. We all use them in our everyday life. For example, when we go to school, when going to work, when going shopping, or when going out of town. Cars are very useful because they help us with transportation. Now think about it, have you ever seen a street in your city without any cars at all? For me, my answer is no.

I chose to do my project on cars because almost everyone uses their car on a daily bases. Plus it was very easy to find the data points because my dad works for a car company, which is Toyota.

Here is the table with all of the data:

This is a picture of the same table, but it shows only the data starting from 2001 and it is the way I put it in Desmos:


This is my final graph without the best lines of best fit:

After I put the data points on the graph, I had to find the lines of best fit for each interval. Here are my calculations and my graphs:

After I finished my graph, I had to play with some equations, to see which one best fits slope:

The Trigonometric equation was the one which fit my graph the best, even thought it was almost like the one I did before:

Once I had finished all of the best lines of fit,I had to make some predictions:

To conclude, I had finally written some notes and my reflection:


The slope of my graph shows that in 50-95 years more, there will be less cars sold. I honestly don't think it's true, because as more years pass, the more the world population grows. Which means more cars will be bought. "But hey, this is just a theory. A math theory." (If you don't know this line, this line comes from "Game Theory", a youtuber. I really love it when he says it.)

The Resources I used to get my data:

THankYou for Taking your TIme to Listen/Read my Project

I hope you have learned something new today.

And I hope you have a lovely day.

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