At Without Borders, we help people become nothing but their best selves Through innovative education and training models

We've impacted the lives of over a 1500 individuals over 10 + communities through over 200+ classroom sessions held in 3 Idea Labs across Sri Lanka. This is in just two years and now we're ready to double our impact. But we need your help to make this all a reality.

Let us show you how far a $ can go.

$ 5 = Yearly Funding that is needed to connect a budding youngster to an immersive and innovative curriculum.
This Namal and Koshila. In 2014 they were our students and today they're paid community teachers. We would love to hire more teachers like them but finance does get in the way. $ 240 will help us recruit one community teacher for the entire year. Picture that ?
All our graduating students get the chance to design and execute their own community Impact Project. Many of our graduates say that this was a life changing learning opportunity. These mini impact projects provide crucial services to the communities we work in - like building libraries, repairing roads and even providing urgent relief during the last landslide. You can invest in a team and also mentor them through the duration of the project.
We passionately and fiercely believe than when individuals are given access to great training and an immersive education they can not only become their best versions but help others around them do just that.

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