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ROOF ARMOUR is ideal for waterproofing roofs in the unpredictable climate of the UK and is a durable waterproofing solution for flat or pitched roofs.

If water starts to leak through the roof, then there is a real risk of the wood underneath rotting and eventually the ceiling will fall through.

Protect your home quickly and easily with liquid applied ROOF ARMOUR from Unique Resins Limited. Re-felting or fibre-glassing can be very expensive and very messy. ROOF ARMOUR can be applied straight over the existing roof substrate and is rain resistant within 30 minutes!

ROOF ARMOUR forms a fully watertight, flexible, long life coating over your existing roof. With excellent UV resistance, direct sunlight will not cause ROOF ARMOUR to degrade, and with a built in flexibility it will not crack, unlike rigid coatings like felt and fibre-glass.

ROOF ARMOUR can be used on felt, asbestos, concrete, profiled metal, asphalt, PVC, fibre-glass and timber roofs, amongst others. It can be applied to new roofs or used to repair and seal leaks in existing roofs.

Simply applied with a brush, roller or squeegee, ROOF ARMOUR does not require any power tools, which makes it ideal to use on roofs where access to electricity can be a problem.

ROOF ARMOUR is just as effective on commercial buildings too; especially those with large flat roofs with lots of roof penetrations, for example; roof vents, fans, chimneys, etc.

ROOF ARMOUR is very easy to apply and can be done by any good 'DIYer', alternatively Unique Resins Limited's operatives are on stand by, ready to make your home fully watertight.

Protecting your roof with ROOF ARMOUR could cost as little as £15.00 per square meter. To fibre-glass it could cost upwards of £80.00 per square meter and to re-felt upwards of £50.00 per square meter. When installed correctly, and in two coats, ROOF ARMOUR will last in excess of 20 years!

Call Unique Resins Limited on 01642 606652 for a free quote to get your roof fully waterproof so you can relax knowing your roof is secure.

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