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In this presentation I will be explaining what I think Canada will look like in 2050. I will be talking about 3 main predictions I have made. That in 2050 the natural birth rate will be very low. As well as why in 2050 I believe the immigration rate will go up and that Canada's population will start to increase, and lastly I will talk about why i believe the First Nations group will become very popular and eventually start to increase in population (the same going for Metis and Inuits). You can expect all my predictions to be backed up by solid reasoning and facts.

The City Of Toronto is the most populated place in Canada and the 7th largest city in northern america and shows no sign of slowing down in population increase.

Population Trend #1

At the moment Canada's population is at 35.16 million from 2006 to 2016 it hasn't dropped once and just keeps on increasing as the years go by. Around 1 million people are born/immigrated to Canada every 3 years or so, though, this increase is mostly brought about by immigration.

Population Trend #2

Canada is facing an aging population meaning that birth rate is not going to be as high as it used to be back in 1871. From 1871 and onward the birth rate only continued to decline until the baby boom post world war II, but that soon ended and it was back to how it was. 1 in 6 people in Canada were age 64 and over in July 2015, also, more Canadians are 65 and over than 15. So all in all even though the birth rate is going down population keeps increasing since immigration rate is good.

Birth rate graph from 1871 to 2001
A graph of the ages most people are in these places
A Canadian passport

Immigration Trend #1

Currently 1 in 5 Canadians are born in a different country, Canada takes in around 250,000 immigrants every year (which is 750,00 out of the 1,000,000 people either born or immigrated to Canada every 3 years). Canada has been relying on immigrants since the 1600s, but most immigrants are coming either from Europe and Asia.

The reason Canada is such an inviting place to immigrate to is because of 3 main pull factors, a major one being it has a points system, meaning the more skilled you are, or the more money you have, the easier it is to get in. Basically the government makes it easier for you to get in if they can be more assured that you can help the economy and are less likely to depend on it's services. Next, Canada's immigration rules are less strict than other countries so even if you aren't skilled in a certain trade and don't have a lot of money it is still easier to get in than in other countries. The last pull factor is that Canada offers numerous job opportunities for immigrants.

Other countries immigration qualifications


Canada's immigration qualifications

Immigration Trend #2

Asia has been and still is Canada's top immigration source for the last 5 years. This is one, because of the pull factors discussed above, but also because the US had a quota system that stopped, or prevented, over a certain amount of Asian people from any one country to get in.

Another reason that they chose to immigrate to Canada is to establish or expand a business. Canada was such a great place to that because it was easier to get into if they knew you'd be helping the economy by doing opening or expanding a business. Finally, they come to Canada since Canada has many job opportunities, and because of the fact that many people in Asia live on less than 2 dollars per day and are very poor they come to Canada because it is easier to get there; and easier to find a job. Making it easier to take care of their family or themselves.

Asian family that immigrated to Canada to support their child

First Nations Trend #1

Recently the first nations population has been increasing significantly, they are now 3.8% of the population which is still small but it increased from what it used to be. The cause of this rise in population is that more and more first nations people are being born.

First Nations Trend #2

The 8th fire (See picture below) is bringing all of the first nations people together. The 8th fire is the assembly, or, gathering of the first nations people. There are many reasons that they are doing this but the main reasons are to not only raise awareness but to come together as a whole. (Video below explains more about what the 8th fire is)

An 8th fire wordle

Prediction #1

In 2050 immigration rate will go up. I feel it will go up since the birth rate is going down and our population may follow, I think the government will realize and do something to get more people to come to Canada. Also, I think the immigration rate will keep going up because it has been since 1870 and it shows no sign of suddenly stopping and going down.

Prediction #2

In 2050 Canada's population will be going up as it has been. I believe this because even though birth rate is going down immigration rate is still going up. Plus in the past even though birth rate was low Canada's population was/still is going up.

Prediction #3

In 2050 there will be a lot more first nations people as well as less prejudice/racism towards them. I feel this way since because of all the people trying to raise awareness about the way they are treated etc. Eventually it will end. Lastly, I believe this because of the 8th fire program or event that is bringing them together.

As im sure you noticed, my overall prediction is that Canada's population will continue to increase.


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