Zentangles Meditation Through Patterned Drawing

Learning targets

Understand that different cultures create art for different reasons. Specifically, understand the value of Eastern pattern-making as a meditative art.

What is a Zentangle?

This is a Zentangle tile.

Zentangle is a combination word: Zen + Tangle


A meditative state. You are experiencing Zen when you are completely focused on only one activity. Buddhist monks focus on their breathing in order to clear their mind of all distractions. This meditative experience is common across most Eastern cultures, in various forms. However, in Western cultures, it is rare for individuals to slow down long enough to un-clutter their minds. When it does happen, we typically call it "Flow."


In the Zentangle method of drawing, a "Tangle" simply refers to an organic, complex pattern or doodle. There are many standard patterns that an artist can learn, or you can feel free to make up your own patterns as you go!

Zentangle Steps

Put a dot near each corner (but not touching the corner)
Connect the dots to make a border. Don't use straight lines.
Draw a "string," or a line that loops and twists, bouncing around inside the border. The purpose of this string is to split the interior of the tile into several different zones, each of which will get a different pattern.
Start drawing patterns. Each zone created by the string should have its own pattern. Remember to make these into complex patterns, using the skills we learned in other projects.
When you are finished creating patterns, sign your tile and start another one! Meditate - focus on each step, and try not to let the world around you distract you. Let yourself get lost in the repetition of the patterns, and find your Zen!

How do you make a Zentangle tile?

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Noel Newquist


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