Inquiry in a Secondary Classroom Writing for Change

Key Characteristics of Inquiry Based Learning:

  • Teacher and/or student poses a question that is relevant to the students and the subject
  • Teacher models, scaffolds and supports the stages of inquiry
  • Students research, learn and construct knowledge together
  • Students share their learning outside the walls of their classroom
  • Teacher and the students must have the knowledge of major concepts and ideas within the subject

The Process:

  • Students reflect on own strengths
  • Students survey skills in their ability in these areas: communication, writing, public speaking, digital skills, organization and planning
  • Reflect on what 'collaboration' looks like
  • Creation of a mission statement on working together
  • Writing a descriptive paragraph to show to to use words powerfully
  • Learning about literary terms and creating slide deck on the terms
  • Providing peer feedback
  • Reflection on writing, understanding of terminology and their ability to collaborate
  • Explored how language and structure were used in a variety of texts to convey powerful images and messages


Student Voice


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