Virtual reality is the now of EdTech. Mixing gamification and immersive context, this tool follows the goal of a meaning-oriented pedagogy. Imagine a history lesson on great discoveries in which students sailed on São Gabriel of Vasco de Gama ! Imagine a science lesson on the cardiovascular system in which students are oxygen molecules. The possibilities are endless ! Physical education is also concerned !

Physical education is also concerned !
wOw Glass® is the future of Physical Education

VR glasses dedicated to PE !

As usual, Physical education follows its own path to use Tech. PE teachers experience new uses because of a different student-teacher relationship. Indeed, our professional practices are linked to sport facilities : gym, swimming pool, stadiums... That's why our PhysEdTech team, in collaboration with Jersey2000, a French-American start up, has created wOw Glass®, revolutionary glasses specially designed for PE. Bringing up the latest advanced technologies, our glasses provide a huge battery life up to 17 minutes, are shockproof and waterproof up to 1000 feet (useful for scubadiving by the 6th grade).

Building groups as a major concern of PE teachers

Building teams and groups is an important part of every PE lesson. Making balanced teams, needs groups, level groups or mixed groups is often a headache for PE teachers..

78 "purple" students ready to horse riding (7th grade)

As soon as wOw Glass® is connected to an iPad or Android tablet with a dedicated app, it is able to show each student with a virtual jersey, completely customizable. Wearing wOw Glass® is being a real part and virtual part of the lesson. It's very easy for teachers to assign a specific colour at each student or group of student !

Real time evolutive groups

Last generation of artificial inteligency.

Our voice recognition system (called Riri®) makes our work easier by providing us with real time group building. Better than that, our patented IA technology is able to build some new groups regards to the students' achievements. Each student can practice in his zone of proximal development !

Infinite custom options

Style, colours, name in the back, custom is the new black !

Virtual jerseys are fully customizable, by students or teacher. Distributing jerseys takes time. Now, with wOw Glasses®, less than a second is enough ! Teacher can choose the colour (1.3 millions shades are available) of each virtual jersey. Teachers can also add some symbols to keep an eye on some students (especilly those who hide between gym mats). Students can choose the design (super heroes, animals, folk austrian costume) or add their name in the back. This kind of gamification is a way to improve students motivation.

A Proficiency-based assessment assistance

Un bulletin d'élève de 5ème au premier trimestre 2017.

Facing proficiency-based assessment is sometimes very complicated for French PE teachers. Teachers need easy ways to assess and wOw Glass® is (for once) the best solution ever ! Choosing jersey design is the tip of the iceberg. wOw Glass® is also able to show and validate some academic skills. In the blink of an eye. Yes a mere blink while looking at a student is enough to assess him or her. Double blink is for choosing another skill to assess and triple blink to cancel the previous validation. Pretty easy ! The expert eye of the teacher is the only tool required to quickly assess all of the students in a single PE class. PhysEdTech will obviously provide some trainings for teachers to learn these new professional behaviours.

Solar protection at its highest level

Tested in extreme conditions, wOw Glass® provides an outstanding sunshield. Our team tested our product under the hard Croatian sun and on the biggest alpine mountains. Our UV filter is simply perfect. It could be very useful if candidates for French elections fulfill their promises to increase the hourly amount of PE to 6 hours a week.

Tous les méchants UV sont filtrés !

What's next ?

Some add-ons are currently in development ! Muscular bluetooth sensors will complete our product to analyse every single raise of any finger in the classroom. With this kind of technology, it will be so easy for PE teachers to enjoy coffee or beers outside the stadium !

Other tips to build a digital PE on !

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