Tattoos on the Heart By: JOHN CHARLES CIGANOVICH

Preface/Introduction- Father Greg Boyle starts off this book talking about how long he has been trying to write this book and what it means to him. He talks about the Delores Mission and Homeboy Industry. What this book means to me is making a difference. Making a difference in the simple things like helping out a gang member can make a difference in there lives and it keeps going. Father Greg Boyle did just that and made a huge impact.

  • Chapter 1- God, I Guess- God is a main focus of many lives. Gang members don't necessarily see the good in the world that a God can help us fine. Father Greg Boyle gives them good jobs to keep them out of trouble and grow closer to God. This chapter is impactful to me because not just anyone can go make a difference like Father Boyle. You have to have hope in what your doing amd people need help finding that hope like the gang members. The story I want to tell is about rascal. Rascal is defensive and has closed the door to gangs. He talks to Father G and tells him the good of God and to always surround yourself in grace and holiness. This means something to me because we should be surrounding ourselves with God
Chapter 1- God, I Guess
Chapter 2- Dis-grace - Father Greg Boyle is a great leader. He sees the needs of this gange member Ceasar. Ceasar is fresh out of jail and has nothing. Father Boyle buys him 200$ worth of clothes to get him started and lets him stay and the Delores Mission. This is impactful for me because as this chapter says "Dis- grace", we are all capable of looking past the looks or history of someone and give them an opportunity to do what that deserve and to change their lives.


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