Sacred Music Day / Alexandre Gustave / 19 June / 20:00 CET F E S T I V A L / 2 0 2 1

Inspired by a message of ancient wisdom, guided by the sage Yoginâm, musician Alexander Gustave travelled through Europe, India and Africa in the last 12 years to perform his music on many spiritual festivals and to guide mystical chants rituals in temples, ashrams and churches. He gathered and united many people from all over the world from different backgrounds to share in moments of celebration and joy. His CD's 'The Jewel' and 'Living in a peaceful me' touched and inspired many spiritual seekers from over the globe. In this program he will share some of the music with us.

And although in this period of time it is difficult for people to gather, with the help of modern technology, Alexander will guide us in coming together for meditation and to introduce us to chants (specific word and sound phrases, with movements in melody that are repeated over and over again). As in many (non-Western) cultures and traditions, similar gatherings had always been part of daily life, as essential tools for Well-being, to remind people constantly that they are more than material, rational and emotional beings. We can live together this unique experience during this event!!

For the most optimal experience of this broadcast it is recommended that you wear headphones or play the sound through a good sound system.


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