Slip Up by aunna klein

Brenna and Jack are a married couple from Florida. They are planning on starting a family together but they need doctors help. Their plan is to have Brenna get inseminated with Jack's sperm, they still have lots of planning to do so they are going to wait for a year.

A year and a half later......

The couple is still waiting for Brenna to get inseminate, the doctor has Jack's sperm frozen so they are just waiting to pick the important day. In the morning that day Jack woke up late for work, Brenna woke up before him grabbed her phone off the night stand and saw that he must have forgotten to set his alarm again so see gently shook him and said, "Jack, honey, you need to get up now you're going to be late." Brenna said softly.

Waking up slowly trying to ignore her, he slowly gets out of bed and asks, "What time is it?"

"7:30." Jack immediately jumped up and swore under his breath, he had to be out of the house by eight and he still needed a shower and a shave.

While Jack started the shower Brenna picked him out a suit and tie, then headed down stairs to get his lunch together and some coffee to put in a to go cup for him to grab for the ride, because she knowns he will be angry without it. At about 7:40 Jack came down stairs all dressed with his tie untied hanging around his neck, he went into his office grabbed his brief case went into the kitchen grabbed the things Brenna left in a perfect line on the counter. Heading to the front door he put his stuff down on the front bench got his shoes on put his jacket on and called for Brenna she came with her coffee cup full, and set it down on the bench.

"This is why you should get an alarm clock and not just use your phone cause then you always forget to set your alarm, that way with your alarm clock it's always set," mind you Jack receives this speech often, "Then this won't happen."

While she was giving him one of his regular speech's she tied his tie, while he playfully rolled his eyes, he kissed her.

"You know I love you so much Brenna."

She responds by kissing him back, "Okay, you have to go now, I love you too and I'll see you later."

Jack smiles and walks out the door. On the evening of March 14,2004 Jack got in to a deadly car crash and perished on the way to the emergency room, and left Brenna crushed and broken hearted.

Another year later......

Brenna has decided to get inseminated still with Jack's sperm, even though he's gone she still wants to conceive their child.

There is another couple, Matea and Marc, they are engaged and also wanting to start a family of their own, however doctors help is needed. They have also talked about Matea getting inseminated, but she hasn't decided if she wants it before or after the wedding and so the discussion begins.

Starting off with Marc, "I honestly think that we should have the baby first, I mean we have just been waiting so long and it will make us so happy."

Matea is still very undecided, "I Just think we should wait till after the wedding, I....I mean I agree a hundred percent we have been waiting a while, but I...."

"Exactly we have been waiting so long so let's not wait any longer and do it now." The expression on his face tells her that he really can't wait any longer.

She can't loses his love and so she gives in, "Okay...we can do it before." She says with a great big smile.

Jack jumps up with joy picks Matea up and spins around with her in his arm, he kisses her like there's no tomorrow. They agreed that they are going to go to the doctor and have the baby before.

"Okay so when are we going to tell our families?"

When they told their families about their plan to start a family before they get married they were all thrilled and over joyed all except Matea's grandma. She takes her grandma's opinion very strongly so decided to talk to her family more in depth.

"I just don’t see why you are in such a rush, you are still so young." Matea's grandma replies eagerly

Marc loves Matea's grandma but he feels really strongly about this, "I know but we have just been waiting so long, I just don’t know if we can wait any longer."

"Yeah mom, I mean I wasn't married and I had Matea and everything turned out just fine." Said her mom. Matea just shrugged.

Matea's grandma feels very strongly about this so she says, "Matea and Marc you know I support this relationship very much but I just feel this is the right thing to do. Matea do it for me your grandma."

She can't see her grandma like that again so she looks at Marc with sad eyes and says "We will be fine and it won't hurt if we wait, right?"

Marc instantly goes from being happy to being devastated, "Yeah, but we talked about this Matea."

"I know but I just think we should try, and see how the waiting goes" Marc is definitely disappointed but he can't change her and he does know how much she loves her grandma.

The plan is for Marc and Matea to go to the doctor talk about what their plan is now and for there just to be a slandered exam no big deal just to make sure everything will go well after the weeding. There appointment is scheduled for April 15

Brenna has told her and Jack's families about her decision to still have their child, they are all thrilled and without words to describe how they feel. Everyone can't wait to see a little bit of Jack around! Her appointment to get inseminated is April 15.

Brenna is there and nervous as ever she brought her mother with her. She got put in her room. So did Matea and Marc. The doctor went to Matea's room first she had her checkup and left. When she went into Brenna's room she told her that she has an emergency and would fit her in tomorrow. Brenna didn't think anything of it and left.

That night Matea got a call from the doctor's office and let it go to voice mail because she was eating dinner with her family.

After dinner she called back, "Hello, this is Matea you called me earlier?"

"Oh, yes yes I did, I thought you wouldn't call back till tomorrow."

"Oh no, I was eating dinner with my family."

"I see...."

Matea thought the doctor was being very strange and started to get nervous, "Is there something wrong??"

"I just need you and Marc to come in tomorrow if that’s okay?"

"Okay we'll be there" she hangs up and tells Marc about it immediately.

It's the next morning Matea and Marc are there so is Brenna this time she didn't bring her mom. They were sitting across from each other in the waiting room, not knowing a thing about each other. But little did they known they were going to get to known each other. The doctor came into the room and asked all of them to come into her office, they were all very confused but followed.

"Sit down please,…"

"What is it?" Asked Matea

"Is everything alright with my baby!" Brenna demanded to know.

"Ok Brenna I know how worried you must be but let me explain to all of you," they all sat very quietly. "Well yesterday when you came in for your standard checkup Matea, well you see I accidently mixed you my patients folders and you see I thought you Matea were Brenna ."

"You what!!!" Brenna screamed. "That’s all I had left of my dead husband and you took it away from me, what am I going to do?" She started crying, "This isn't fair I had a plan it's supposed to go by the plan." She was sobbing uncontrollably now.

"So that means Matea is pregnant with her baby?" Marc asks still in shock

"Yes that’s correct."

Matea had nothing to say she was in shock.

Three weeks later.....

Matea still hasn’t decided what to do. Marc wants her to get an abortion, but she can't do that and not to that poor girl she needs this baby. Matea has decided that tonight she's going to tell Marc she's keeping the baby.

"Marc can you come down stairs please, we need to talk!" she calls from the bottom of the stairs. He comes down right away.

"Okay let's talk."

"I have decided I am going to keep the baby...."

"I...don't understand?"

"I love you Marc but you aren't going to change my mind on this, I am sorry"

"Well then no one's going to stop me from doing this.... we are over, I am not going to raise someone's baby with you. If we would have done what I wanted in the begging none of this would have happened!"

"SLAM!!" with that he grabs his car keys and leaves.

Matea is left there in tears.

Eight months later......BIG PREGNATE MOM

Matea is having the baby now...her mom's there and her grandma, Breanna is eagerly waiting in the hallway. The doctor walks in.

"Something wrong with the baby we need to take you to the operating room now."

Matea is once again in shock she says okay tells her mom and grandma she loves them and off she goes. The doctor tells her she's going to be okay.

"Okay everyone lets save this baby and keep the mom alive," Matea's under Anastasia


"Hurry she's losing to much blood."

"Get ready for the baby."


"It's a boy."

"Okay good job everyone lets close this mom up."

Beep beep beep beeep beeep

"More clamps she's bleeding out again, she's losing to much blood, hurry."

Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. PICTURE OF FLAT LINE

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