The Time Coporation George Butler

The opening of the sequences starts with either a glass panel suddenly cracking and then shattering into many pieces. Some pieces move towards the camera and some dissolve into the background. At this point the background will fade from white to red as playing cards fall into the scene. Following this a hand will push poker chips across and into the scene from the right hand side of the screen. Again, like a window/ glass pain, the red background will shatter and again card sits will fall through the scene followed by a variety of cards. The last card to fall will be one of the aces as the sequence fades to black.


I found inspiration in films from the James Bond franchise, especially Casino Royale. Within the opening basic 2D shapes and symbols are used to symbolise both violence, and crime but also a sense of class and charisma. The background of the opening connotes this as it stylised. Along with this the use of different shapes to create other objects and forms was very interesting and engaging. For example this can be seen through the use of card suits as blood within burst veins. The use of silhouetted characters is also used, this could be something that I wish to emulate within my own sequence as this is an effective way to create a narrative within the opening sequence.

Another title sequence which I looked at for inspiration was Luther. The use of colour within the sequence itself connotes the genre of the piece, for example the red mixed with the black within the sequence connotes danger, darkness and murder. The use of iconic buildings also sets up the scene for the audience as they will know what to expect from the production.


Created with images by Cukierek - "card poker ace" • dphiffer - "Window" • bardjudith - "broken glass glass window" • IvicaM90 - "poker cards casino" • Jungyeon - "ace card magic cards" • kira_fotografie - "glass broken fragmented" • 422737 - "pattern structure background" • banspy - "Blackjack!"

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