Aditya PL/sql developer


• About 8+ years of experience in analysis, design, development, testing and implementation of application software as Oracle PL/SQL developer.

• Proficient in working with Insurance, Investment, Hospital and Retail domains.

• Proficient in gathering and analyzing requirements, proposing best possible solutions.

• Proficient in solving complex design structures and implementing business logic using SQL and PL/SQL.

• Expertise in Reverse Engineering to understand and documenting the current process.

• Expertise in writing reusable code to use across the project.

• Expertise in writing Packages, Procedures, Functions, Triggers, Sequences, View, Materialized views, Collections and other DB Objects.

• Expertise in writing complex SQL’s, Using Joins, Cursors and Ref Cursors.

• Expertise in implementing Triggers, Autonomous Transactions and Exception Handling.

• Expertise in creating and handling External Tables, SQL Loader and Bulk processing.

• Experience in handling Deadlock, Mutating trigger issues with effective functionality.

• Experience in advanced PL/SQL concepts like Bulk collect and for all.

• Expertise in handling existing code as per the requirements.

• Expertise in Performance tuning - analyzing query plans and query tuning using the tools such as EXPLAIN PLAN and use hints wherever required.

• Experience in implementing Parallel Processing for the query optimization as needed.

• Expertise in using ER diagrams for DB Architecture and design.

• Expertise in making use of Advanced Features and Oracle Hints where needed

• Expertise in using Oracle utility tools SQL Plus, TOAD, PL/SQL Developer and SQL*Loader.

• Expertise in Agile methodology, Scrum process and in development tools like JIRA.

• Expertise in performance tuning using Explain Plan and TKProf.

• Expertise in trouble shooting and fixing the production issues within SLA time.

• Good knowledge of UNIX Shell Scripting, Java, JDBC and JSP

• Team player with good interpersonal skills and the ability to work in team.

Technical Skills:

Operating Systems LINUX, Windows 9X/2000/NT and UNIX

Database Oracle 9i, 10G and 11G, MS SQL Server 2005, MS Access


Languages PL/SQL and Java, UNIX Shell Scripting and JavaScript

Web Technologies HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, Ajax and XML

Reporting Tools Reports 6i/9i/10g, BI Reports

Configuration Tools GIT,SVN,PVCS and VSS

UI Tools Forms Builder 6i/10g/11g, Application Developer Framework


 Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering

Professional Experience:

Apr ‘16 – Present

Project Title : CDS

Client : Thomson Reuters, Dallas,Tx.

Role : Sr Oracle PL/SQL Developer

Description: Centralized Data System is one unique project that allows users to enter the data in basic format, accepts data from different sources/systems, and transforms the data into more detailed format for different downstream systems as per needs.


• Participating in Client BA meetings to gather and analyzing the business requirements by understanding the existing system effectively.

• Preparing Technical Specification document for the change request.

• Participating in DB Architectural meetings with Data Modelers and SMEs, to discuss all the possible optimized solutions for the business requirements.

• Designing DB objects for efficient data management based on the new requirements.

• Monitoring the AWR to figure out the possible performance blockers and taking necessary actions against those sql statements.

• Responsible for monitoring all DB related activities related to business requirements.

• Creating/Modifying the package procedures, functions, triggers, cursors, views and other DB objects to fulfill the requirements.

• Writing complex sql queries for process execution and to generate the reports as needed.

• Performing full analysis to divest the unnecessary DB Schemas/Objects and to make sure that there is no impact to the up-stream and down-stream systems/links.

• Writing/Modifying cursors, collection objects, associative arrays, procedures, functions, packages and other DB Objects

• Writing complex SQL queries, anonymous blocks to temporary fix the urgent production issues.

• Writing data load scripts through Bulk Collect, External Tables and SQL Loader where needed.

• Writing/modifying the triggers and controlling the logical flow through the triggers effectively when required.

• Loading data into system from different sources and export to users in single readable format as needed.

• Implementing the business logic, testing with different sets of data before it move to next level.

• Investing/Fixing any issues that raised during system testing.

• Writing scripts for bug fixes, Identifying root cause and proposing permanent fixes.

• Tuning the complex SQLs using Explain Plan and optimize queries for better performance.

• Writing bulk processing scripts using bulk collect for high data processing.

• Performing testing on Pre-Prod environment to analyze the performance issues of the newly written or modified queries.

• Making use of query parallelism for optimizing the query execution process for a high end transaction tables when required.

• Performing the unit testing and functional testing with different set of data.

• Providing testing support for the release in all the environments.

• Responsible for validating the production migrations and providing updates to the release management team.

Environment: Oracle 11g, SQL & PL/SQL and Java, XML, SQL *Loader, Toad, UNIX, and HTML.

Oct ‘14 – Mar’16

Project Title : Retirement Plans

Client : SIC, Portland, OR

Role : Sr Oracle PL/SQL Developer – Technical Analyst

Description: The Standard (Standard Insurance Company) Company is one of the leading Insurance providers in US and it mainly deals with Group Insurance. We ate handling a portfolio of 30 applications which are related to Retirement Plans, Policy Administration, Claim Administration, and Commissions for Producers etc, 401K planning. I am involved in all applications related to Retirement Plans and Lawson. Both Retirement plans and Lawson contains batch cycle, where daily information will be process.


• Participating in Client BA meetings to gather the business requirements and analyzing the requirements by understanding the existing system effectively.

• Single point of contact for all DB Related Issues.

• Involved in architecture, analysis, design, development and implementation of Oracle DB Objects as per need.

• Developed/modified the existing packages including common packages, procedures, functions, triggers, indexes and other DB Objects according to the new business with effective coding standards.

• Wrote complex sql queries for processing PL/SQL objects and for reporting.

• Involved in writing cursors and collection objects like Associative Array’s, Record Types.

• Used bulk collect, sql loader, external tables to load the data

• Developed/modified the triggers.

• Identified root cause for code failures and documented details for future reference.

• Designed and developed email functionality with Oracle to notify the plan users on any updates, changes, expiry, renewal and new plan enrollment.

• Debugging/Fixing issues evoked from the System Integration Testing related to all modules.

• Wrote bulk processing scripts using bulk collect for high data processing.

• Wrote and handling SQL*Loader scripts to load the data from the file source into work tables.

• Wrote pipeline script to accomplish the data concurrency during new business changes.

• Recreated the problematic triggers which are causing deadlock issues in such a way that the functionality will be applied without any deadlock issues.

• Investigating and providing permanent fixes for production failures rot cause.

• Effectively dealing with production issues S1 and S2.

• Responsible for any failure/issues during the daily Batch Cycle.

• Involved in fixing issues raised during code migration.

• Involved in tuning the existing code using Explain Plan to improve performance.

• Performed Unit Testing and basic functional testing with different set of data.

• Building, testing and moving the changes to the other environments.

• Providing testing support for the release in all the environments.

Environment : Oracle 11g, UNIX, ESP, Java, .Net, ETL, Mainframe, Crystal reports, Dialogue, SQL Server 2008 and AS400

Dec ‘13 – Sep’14

Title : CDA

Client : Wl Gore & Associates, Newark, DE

Role : Oracle PL/SQL Developer

Description: Project Deals with Design and development of a Centralized data mart to generate different reports on Sales by product, customer and region and Automation of process to Provide Data to Down Stream Application.


• Created Custom Triggers, Stored Procedures, Packages and SQL Scripts.

• Developed PL/SQL procedures that extracted data from a data warehouse for policy reporting.

• Used Materialized View and refresh Process to provide data to downstream Application.

• Developed Oracle PL/SQL code based on requests raised by changes in business logic, norms and standards

• Developed PL/SQL stored procedures & functions using REF cursors & collections.

• Involved in creating Pseudo code documents for writing stored procedures.

• Involved in implementing business logic with Oracle Stored Procedures, Functions and Triggers using PL/SQL.

• Involved in writing CTL files (control files) for SQL*Loader to load the policy data from Flat files in to oracle tables.

• Performed SQL tuning using Auto Trace, Explain Plan, and Hints.

• Involved in Importing and exporting the Tables, Users and Schemas.

• Involved in migrating from mainframes to oracle 10g.

• Designed the queues and their underlying queue table using an object type implementation in order to pass XML messages.

Environment: Oracle 10g (SQL, PL/SQL), Reports 10g, SQL *Loader, Toad, Perl Scripts, HTML and Linux.

Project Title : Reintegration Mar ‘11 – Nov’13

Client : Kimberly-Clark, Dallas, TX

Role : Oracle PL/SQL Developer

Description: We developed project which collect and generate bills and made report. This also brings all the customs related features in to oracle application for capturing data as well as for reporting.


• Performed database and query tuning and performance monitoring.

• Involved in Requirement Analysis, Design, Data Mapping, use cases and Client Interaction. This involves analyzing Functional Spec and designing Technical Spec.

• Technical Assistance for Development. Design and Develop of Logical and physical Data Model of Schema

• Gather the requirements and define the objective of your database , Gather Data, Organize in tables and Specify the Primary Keys, Create Relationships among Tables Relational Database Design

• Monitored growth of data and managed space allocation accordingly.

• Creating and managing schema objects such as tables, views, indexes, procedures, triggers & maintaining Referential Integrity.

• Extensively written PL/SQL code for stored Procedures, Functions, Packages, Libraries and other database triggers etc. Written interfaces to transfer/interact data with various external systems.

• Used %TYPE and %ROWTYPE for anchoring the variables to the database data types.

• Used package like DBMS_JOB to determine if there are any jobs that are to be performed, or any changes are made to the program or procedure.

• Backup strategies, scheduling the backups. Backing up and restoring the databases whenever necessary.

• Actively involved in coding SQL statements in PL/SQL.

• Developed various Complex Queries, Views for Generating Reports.

• Fine-tuned the logic in Procedures, Functions and Triggers for optimum performance.

• Used Quest TOAD to tune query performance.

• Performed off site on call 24x7 production support for Oracle 9i database administration activities.

• Trouble shooting performance issues using Explain Plan and TKPROF.

• Used Cursors both implicit and explicit to capture many rows within a PL/SQL block, and applied business rules on them.

• Created public synonyms on the database links for easy reuse.

Environment : Oracle 9i, PL/SQL, Windows 2000, SQL*Loader, TOAD 8.5, Forms 6i, Reports 6i, Windows.

Project Title : Planning Master Data Oct ‘09 – Feb’11

Client : TCF Bank – Minneapolis, MN

Role : Oracle PL/SQL Developer

Description: This project is for physical design and construction and on-going database operations and administrative support of multi-platform, operational and DSS databases. Customizes and optimizes the physical database design to the specified platform within established DBMS standards.


• Performed review of the business process, involved in Requirements Analysis, System Design documents, Flows, Test Plan preparations and Development of Business Process and Work Flow charts.

• Developed database objects like Tables, Views, Indexes, Synonyms and Sequences.

• Involved in creation of tables, Join conditions, correlated sub queries, nested queries, views, sequences, synonyms for the business application development.

• Created Materialized views to calculate aggregated data, such as sum of monthly revenue.

• Developed complex ORACLE stored procedures and packages to calculate borrower’s debt ratio, property taxes, mortgage insurance, regular/ irregular payments, etc.

• Load traffic data logs into staging tables using SQL loader and shell scripts.

• PL/SQL coding for Exception Handling and duplicate data maintenance.

• Used Triggers in Customizing Error conditions.

• Developed / modified PL/SQL code like stored procedures, packages for interfaces.

• Developed UNIX shell scripts and PL/SQL procedures to extract and load data for month-end batch processing.

• Developed PL/SQL code for updating payment terms.

• Supported DBA team for the data migration from oracle 9i to 10g.

• Creation of Forms, Pop-up Menus and maintaining Master Detail relationship.

• Used various LOVS (List of Values) and record groups at various points in runtime.

• Involved in the design and development of User Interfaces using Forms 6i, Reports 6i and coding modules in PL/SQL.

• Development of PL/SQL program units and sharing them among multiple applications for processing business logic in the database.

• Created some routines (Before-After, Transform function) used across the project.

• Testing all forms, PL/SQL code for logic correction.

Environment: Oracle 9i (SQL, PL/SQL), SQL *loader, Toad, Oracle Forms/Reports 6i, UNIX,

Data Stage.

Project Title : Home Advantage. June’ 08 – Sep’09

Client : Login Soft India Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad

Role : Sr Oracle PL/SQL Developer

Description: Home Advantage is a powerful point-of-care productivity solution for home health agencies, public health organizations, and hospitals. Healthcare helps businesses improve scheduling, tracking, and reporting of all field/staff personnel.


• Wrote scripts for creating Tables, Sequences, Views, Synonyms and Other Database Objects.

• Wrote PL/SQL Packages, Procedures, Functions, Triggers, Cursors, Collections and Anonymous block and other objects for the back end processing of the proposed database design.

• Involved in writing complete sql to process through pl/sql units.

• Designing UI with HTML and JavaScript using Mod PL/SQL.

• Client side validation using JavaScript

• Involved in Performance Tuning for SQL Queries.

• Done the code reviews for fellow developers coding part.

• Conducted PL/SQL training sessions for co-employees to educate about the features available in PL/SQL.

• Providing Support for Testing, UAT and Production support team.

• Effective solutions to fix production issues.

Environment : Oracle 10g, Java, HTML, Java Script and UNIX, SQL*Plus, SQL*Loader, Windows XP.

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