The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt BY: DANIELA PEREIRA

Sarony, Napoleon. Cabinet card image of French actress Sarah Bernhardt. Digital image. Harvard Theatre Collection, Hougton Library, Harvard University, 1981. Web. 4 Feb. 2017

The Spatial Experience

Physical settings of Constans Theatre (Saltz, 2001)

The first thing I noticed about Constans Theatre was its size.During the call back the director of the show mentioned that the Theatre accommodates about four hundred seats! I enjoyed were I was seated, I was at the front left of the theatre but I believe that anywhere I sat would have been great. The seats are arranged so that even a short girl like me was able to see past the very tall man that sat in front of me. When the lights dimmed and the play was about to start I got very excited. It reminded me of the time that I saw Wicked with my family. I believe that the place is essential to a good life because I was able to have a good experience. If the theatre had been smaller and the seats poorly placed, I would not have been able to enjoy the play.

The Social Experience

Pereira, Daniela. "My friends and I at the Theatre." 2017. JPG.

I saw the play with my boyfriend and a friend from high school. It was fun to share this experience with them because it was nice to talk with them about the play during intermission and after it ended. Later that night we went to get something to eat at Flaco's and we were still talking about what we thought of the play. To get ready for the performance I dressed up in a romper, tied my hair back, and applied some natural yet shiny make up. Dressing up made the whole experience feel more formal and it made be more intrigued about what the play was about. I think that to achieve the good life you have to be able to take other people's input. It was interesting to see this play with my friends because they both had different opinions to the same play.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

"No. 2738: Sarah Bernhardt." No. 2738: Sarah Bernhardt. N.p., n.d. 2017.

The play opened my eyes to the effects of poverty. One of the central issues of the play was poverty the effects it has on the people living in it. A quote from the play, "The think we do it on purpose" really struck a cord with me because it shows how some people look at people who are less fortunate than them and think that they brought those circumstances upon themselves. I have been lucky enough to have been in the upper middle class my whole life but this play allowed me to catch a glimpse of a world that I know practically nothing about. A lot of the time, people will look at a homeless person and think, "oh, drugs probably made them that way. They shouldn't have done that. I'm not going to give him/her my spare change because they will just use that on drugs" and that's not always the case and that line made me want to look into the subject further.

The Emotional Experience

Nadar, Paul. Sarah Bernhardt. About 1864. The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles. Digital image. 2017.

The Divine gives us an opportunity for katharsis because we are exposed to ideas that we might not have been exposed to anywhere else. The play shows us that the world is not pretty. There are stories of rape, child labor and later death, and life in poverty. It pushes us out of our comfort zone to realize that although the world isn't as pleasant as we hope that it is, by discussing the issues in life we are able to grow and change the world.

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