Salut la Révolution What's Going On in Your Glorious Country

Inequality in Our Society?

Our field reporters have come back with some shocking news. They continue to regale us about the atrocities that go on within the walls of our beloved city, Paris. However, it wasn't the first we've heard of it. It has been this way probably because of the old order. Rumor has it that they were/are responsible for the inequalities that exist in our city. They are a social and political structure that seats the king at the top and three social groups under him. We all know that those groups in particular are called estates. From our latest census reviews there are still a total number of three estates. We have the first estate, which is comprised of the Roman Catholic clergy. They make up roughly 1% of the population. In a sense, they are above normal French law. They have their own judicial system so they do not have to answer to the laws in which we all abide by. Then we have the second estate. They make up roughly 2% of the population. This is where you'll find the nobility. Most of them are government officials or military leader so in a way, they control most of the country's wealth. But, they hardly pay their taxes. Then you have us my fellow countrymen and women. The mighty third estate. We make up 97% of the population. We're responsible for paying the majority of the taxes. Despite the fact that we're mostly comprised of bourgeoisie and sans culottes.

The Third Estate
King Louis XVI
The First Estate (Clergy)

In a lighter turn of events new ideas have resurfaced into our community. From philosophers such as John Locke and Jean-Jacques Rousseau. It is also believed that Great Britain has limited their kings power. It seems to me that maybe, just maybe those crumpet munchers know what they're doing.

John Locke
Jean-Jacques Rosseau

However France has faced an economic decline in the past couple of centuries due to the fact that everyone wants a piece of us. And we also kinda keep borrowing money but that's besides the point. It's actually the KIng and the second estate's fault. They keep spending our hard earned money on parties and clothes and it's really ticking us off. We as a people need to come together and stop this crap! WE SHALL SEND OUR REPRESENTATIVES AND I WISH THEY WOULD LOCK US OUT OF THE BUILDING!!!!!

France was always fighting so it caused the debt to rise.

The Reign of Terror

It seems another person has been executed this past hour. That makes a total of 37 today. That broke last week's record. Let's go on and catch up with what exact is "The Reign of Terror". This is a period in time when people were acccused of something and they were most likely executed. Led by Maximilian Robespierre, this is a pretty crappy time to live in.

Maxilmilien Robespierre
Most people died by the blade of the guillotine.

In my opinion and the opinion of hundreds of citizens here in the mighty third estate, it seems we were better off under the rule of King Louis XVI. During the Reign of Terror we are experiencing executions on an hourly basis. It's sickening to say the least. The executions are wrong, immoral, and heinous. They happen because citizens have a different opinion other than that of that psychopath Robespierre who will execute his own mother if she were to speak out against him. Unfortunately this is the society we live in today. Who knows, with luck maybe Robespierre will have a date with the guillotine. Soon I hope. I for one am tired of smelling blood as I walk throughout the streets.

Austria and Russia Are Ticked

More tragic news for our beloved country. It seems that two countries in particular do not agree with the overthrowing of our monarchy. It was probably due to the massive debt that we have added to over the years. Due to the fact of poor money management. Either in wars or with horrible spending habits that went on in the past (two weeks ago).

The problem exists with the fact that they won't forgive and forget. Or agree to disagree. They're out for blood and it seems like Austria and Russia won't let us out that easy. Robespierre doesn't seem to care about it much. What can you expect from that dirtbag? And it seems like England is now jumping on the "lets get France bandwagon" so ultimately we're pretty much screwed. I'd rather have a date with the guillotine than be in the middle of this skirmish. Oh wait never mind, I forgot what country I was in for a second. Anyhow, we're gonna be in yet another war pretty soon and the threat of execution still remains today. And talks of an up coming stranger by the name of Napoleon seems to be surfacing within our society. I have a good feeling about this particular gentleman indeed.

Napoleon, who are you?

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