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Impossible puzzles: The impossible puzzles at the start of the year were quite hard. But fairly fun. Figuring out which piece goes where seemed like a journey.

Measuring: The measuring unit was the basis of all other projects. Although learning how to measure exactly wasn't too fun, the activities really set a foundation to work off of for other projects that require measuring.

Sketchup: Starting sketchup and 3D design overall was just great fun. We got to do an activity, color your kitchen, that really taught us how to wrap our heads around the tools and uses of sketchup.

Wind turbines: Making wind turbines was an amazing activity to expose us to dimensions and experiments that can change based off of your work. It was really cool to see the wind speed or effect it had on the towers.

Engineering: Learning about all the types of materials used for building and their weight, price, etc was quite fascinating. It really showed us the world of architecture and how your materials and load effect everything else.

Billions in change: Learning about billions in change really sparked some sort of good will in all of us. It showed solutions to water, health, and electricity. What can we do to help?

Overall, the year has been great. My knowledge of things like building structure and factors, materials, dimensions, 3D design, computer skills, and puzzle solving has expanded greatly. And obtaining all these skills has made everyone so much more exposed to the world of technology and building.

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Eva Marder


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