The Last Orphans N.W. Harris Reviewed by Kyle Harrison

The Last Orphans is centered around Shane, the main character. In what seems like a few hours the whole adult population is wiped out by all types of organisms. Animals, insects if it walks it kills, they all have ruthless killing minds, but the children are spared. Shane being one of the oldest children in his town has a new responsibility or you could call it a new babysitting job. Along with Kate her and Shane watch over the little ones as they themselves tremble om the fear at the possibilities of what caused this tragedy.

This book is clearly fiction. In my opinion I believe that if i were in this situation i would not no what to do. I probably would have just enjoyed the new luxuries presented to me. Teens who enjoy apocalyptic books should find this fairly entertaining. The book has a lot of violence especially in the opening scenes. While reading i cringed at how the book transitioned from a boy who just recently lost his mother and grandmother, to a boy who is now losing all the other adult figures in his life. This book kinda gives you the feels as well, sympathizing with the boy and him losing family members. Overall, i recommend the book to teens and young adults.

“I said get out, damn it,” Dad repeated, spittle flying from his mouth. “I won’t have a sixteen-year-old boy bawl’n like a little girl all the way home. Man up or walk.”

Little did the repugnant father know, those would be the last words he would say to his son. I wonder if he regrets the hurtful words as he looks down upon his son. He left his son miles away from home.

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