Medea medical guide


I'm Medea - your medical guide and companion on this journey. My goal is to provide you with all the information you need about medical issues and help you get qualified services when needed.

To buy a card - means you acquire a loyal friend in the form of a Medea.

Call me on 0322 12 02 02 anytime and you will get the information you need about the city's leading clinics, qualified doctors, all kinds of medical services and rates.

The purchased card will allow you to get discounts at our recommended clinics and get some services for free.

When you call to Medea, you have the opportunity to talk to a licensed physician in person and get a free telephone consultation. Whenever necessary, you can plan a visit to the clinic. I’ll provide you with the information about the time of visit and the location of the clinic. I can call a taxi that will take you to the clinic.

What services can you get with my help?

It can be said that the services include all procedures related to the wellbeing and health of you and your family:

• Physician consultation

• Surgery

• Laboratory studies

• Ultrasound

• Radiology

• Rehabilitation medicine

• plastic surgery

• Aesthetic procedures

• Therapeutic massage

• Dentistry

Who can benefit from the service?

A foreign citizen of any age, visiting Georgia for tourist or business purposes.

How do we select the doctor and the clinic?

First of all you need to call me. I will act accordingly to solve your problem - if the case is beyond my competence, I will connect you with or arrange your visit to a family doctor. I will stay beside you at all stages of treatment.

What is the language of communication and does the service include an interpreter service?

Communication can be carried out in English and Russian, including doctor consultation.

What are the additional benefits for the card holders?

Imagine I am your personal medical assistant who takes care of your tranquil vacation. Besides to the 24/7 free family doctor consultations, you can also get plenty of other discount services. To get the full list, just call me.

Why should I trust Medea?

When something bothers you - minor headaches or toothache, or you feel slightly uncomfortable because of traditional food and drinks, or you just want to have a cosmetic procedure, and you find it difficult to get relevant information in a foreign country.

To get rid of all difficulties, you need to hold my card. For me the most important thing is to help you and take care of you. I am familiar with all the clinics, all professional doctors, and the service personnel, so be sure that there is nothing impossible for me.

Difference between an insurance company and Medea

The insurance company covers your medical expenses after you receive medical service in Georgia.

Medea is a company in Georgia that stands by you and instantly responds to your needs. Upon the referral the 24 hour consultation with the physician is available providing you with an exhaustive information on exactly where and in which clinic, which doctor can provide you with high quality medical services. Moreover, Medea helps you to collect all necessary documents in a timely manner to get your expenses reimbursed by your insurance company.

The Insurance companies communicate with clinics only in the case of urgent medical services.

Medea remains at your service providing you with timely and effective support at any time of the day and night.


+995 0322 12 02 02