Art portfolio Mackenzie Masyada

This is a 3D pencil drawn piece. I used different shades to contrast each piece and make each shape look like they are all on one ground. In my opinion I think the shapes should be spaced better.
This is my self portrait that doesn't really look like me. I used a white pencil on black paper and showed all of the highlights on my face. The lines are too sharp for my jaw line and for the shading.
This is my painted black and white bottles piece. I really like this one because of the shading and highlights on each bottle, but I would make the shapes more defined.
This is my colored painted bottles. The background is very unique and I like it a lot. The bottles could be spaced a little better and if I redid this piece, I would change the color scheme.
This is my watercolor landscape. It is my favorite. The front is a bush that is full of a lot of texture and color. The background is not as good. It is kind of dull.
This is my pinch pot. I used coils and painted it purple and light blue with dark blue details. If I were to redo this, I would make the handle bigger and make the pot more even and equal.
This is my teapot, my least favorite piece. I dislike the colors that I used and how big it is. The only thing that is good about it is it is stable.
This is my print of a house and balloons attached to a fence. The idea was cute and I like the colors used, but next time I would use less paint, so extra marks are made and I would make sure it is aligned.

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