BCMS By Kaia Sanderson

I am going to be 100% honest throughout this whole presentation because I am telling you how to be successful in middle school. Some things made me mad and if I wasn't honest, what presentation would this be. Anyway, you will hear some good things, weird things and some long rants but middle school was okay and I am still alive!

The hallways

All the hallways throughout BCMS. They look confusing but they are quite simple once you get used to them. The foreign language hallways and the tech hall are both downstairs. The science hallway is upstairs and the rest is on the main floor. The art hall is right next t the car riders door. I had quite a few weird experiences in art when I took it last year. If you get Mrs. Lilly, may the odds be ever in your favor. She isn't psychotic but she is quite the character. I am sorry but I don't think her personality is fit to be a teacher. She just, doesn't take teaching seriously and I never knew what to do in that class. If you get Mr. Freeborn, prepare yourself. Everyone says he looks like Jesus. I am pretty sure Mrs. Garwood is the only sane art teacher.


This is the cafeteria. On the left, is where you get your food. The middle is where you can get snacks, cookies, water, etc. On the right, is where you eat lunch. It is also sometimes used as an auditorium. The only time we used it as an auditorium though was watching the school play. Other than that, it's just a lunchroom. It depends on which lunch shift you have but you normally get to sit wherever you want. Don't abuse the right because if you do, you'll end up where you started. Sitting with your class. The school food is okay. It isn't that great though. I don't normally eat much but I have eaten enough to know that school food is not good.


The Stairs on the left are by the social studies hallway and that's where you can leave for buses or walking or whatever. The middle staircase are right by lab 214, which is a classroom for SMARTS, keyboarding and DTA, and the stairs on the right are the stairs by the facs room. Falling down the stairs is quite easy. I have done it three times. This year. Not even mentioning the many many many times I fell up the stairs. Be careful and don't die.

Collab Lab

The collab lab is a place most teachers use for students to present projects, research or sometimes the teacher uses it for random things. The collab lab is not in the social studies hallway but it is in the hallway right next to it. Or if you just turn right from the social studies hall, it should be there. There isn't really much to say about the collab lab. I am the type of person that if I heard we were going to the collab lab, I would feel sick and hope to blow up right then and there. I am not much of a public speaker myself but that is that type of person I am.

The gym and fitness center

The gym is next to the commons, but down a hallway. The fitness center is downstairs by the foreign language room. It seems cool at first but after a while unit, you get sick of it and the fitness center becomes really boring. Literally, all my friends and I would do is complain about going there. The trophy case is right next to the gym. My favorite units in P.E were the hantis unit and rollerskating. I am no hantis player. I am a hantis murderer. I am unintentionally hurting people. I hit the ball way too hard and hit people. I swear it's an accident. The rollerskating unit is kind of boring but I usually just hang out with my friends and have the weirdest conversations. One of them were, what is your choice of death. I said either the Hunger Games or exploding in space. Anyway, I made a couple friends with that unit also. I think you will like P.E (unless you're telling yourself that you don't like P.E, like the annoying popular girls everyone hates...I'm kidding...maybe) overall and it is honestly an easy A so don't fail!

Facs and the Tech room

On the top left, is the cooking lab. All you really do there is try to make food while the teacher breathes down your neck and tells you everything you're doing is wrong. They needed to chill. It is middle school. Not Food Network. Sorry. I didn't like facs all that much so i'll be complaining most of this section. I did everything wrong and the very first time we cooked, my job was to be a dishwasher. Yep. A dishwasher. Not a very good start to my third quarter elective. That's where my hatred of this class began. I have to say, I likes sewing a lot better. The middle is Mrs. Wilson's classroom. She was okay, but I liked her as a teacher a lot more when she taught sewing. Speaking of sewing, that is the sewing room on the far left. On the bottom right, is the tech hall, which I already put in the hallway section but whatever. The left is the tech room. I wasn't that big of a tech person but it was pretty fun for me. Both of the rooms (Facs and Tech) are downstairs right next to a staircase.

The office and Student Administration (STAD)

When you walk through the main doors, the guidance office is right next o the doors. It is quite simple to find. From the main doors, if you turn right, that is the STAD hallway. If they call you to STAD, you are either in trouble, getting a paper or doing something else I don't know of. I'm not there very often because I don't really get into trouble and I don't pick up papers that often. I am going to be 100% honest in this whole "presentation" an say that the STAD office can make you very very mad at the district. For example, this isn't a huge deal but I needed to pick up a field trip permission slip because I sold a certain amount of things. They said I didn't even though I DID and I WAS THERE SELLING THINGS! I turned them in on the right day too but no, I guess I didn't turn them in. Anyway, the top right is the assistant principal's office with Dr. Wright in it. The bottom right is the STAD classroom.

The library, Music and speech

The library is my favorite place. I am your average...okay maybe, not so average book nerd. I am a library assistant so if any of you are library assistants, READ THIS!!!! Being a library assistant has its ups and downs. The negatives are, it can be boring, you don't do very much and shelving is time consuming. The positives are, you know where every single thing goes, you can go into that mysterious room only teachers go in (Was I the only person that wondered what was behind the doors only teachers could go? Oh it was only me...okay), Mr. Miller lets you go on the field trip, regardless if you read twelve Trumans, you get free food from time to time and it beats the normal art and music. I heard music is really fun though. Anyway, the next picture is of the entrance to music. We only have one choir teacher at out school and I don't think there could have been a better one. Ms. Holdmeyer is funny and obsessed with Star Wars. I went inside her class once to drop off a projector and STAR WARS WAS EVERYWHERE! I am pretty sure they were watching the movie too. Anyway, I am introverted, but Speech and Theatre is my favorite class. Ms. Buie is my favorite teacher. She has the most fun speech topics and the best theatre skits ever. Half of the time we are just watching movies and eating food in her class. I cannot stress enough how much you will love theatre. I made so many friends in that class and that is how I got into acting.

So, you want to know how to survive?

BCMS is not one of those stupid cliche movies where you have different cliques and stuff. There isn't a bullying problem here. There are no fights in the hallways or in the lunchroom either. People generally get along and stuff like that. So , in conclusion, BCMS is one of the best schools in Missouri and I think you will love your middle school experience. If i'm wrong, then, May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor.

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