So these photos that I took were inspired by the photographer named Ansel Adams. He took pics of the American West in black and white. He focused on Lanscape shots. I took them the way they are by just feeling the moment of the shot. He said,"There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer." This means a lot to when I capture my photos, because when you look at a photo it is what you make of what. You try to make some kind of sense of what the photo is telling. I was focused on taking photos of scenery that you would not usually see in your everyday life. My focus was really taking photos of how humans influenced our environment. Just seeing man made material and space makes you think of how amazing landscapes came to be the way they are whether natural or not. In my photos there seems to be quite some openness to it, it makes feel a sense of space, because having a sense of space can sometimes encourage you to just think. And when you really think about life, that's when your in a state of transcendence. Ideas and imagery start to be created in your mind to guide or inspire you.

A sense of closeness and distance
feeling how deep his photo goes
crowded city
This gives a distance
A ship in the distance of a sunrise
"Life is a highway"
Awesome clouds
Highway 5
A place in Modesto
Dark Valley

What I learned is that there really isn't a bad photo or good photo. Whether blurry or clear we are still able to take something out of the photo. Photos are like a page in a book and the book being our understanding life. So every photo we look at or take is a learning lesson in life. Photos are moments of knowledge. Overall I have learned how to be very open minded of everything and how to take something positive and and to use what i take out to grow my sense of knowledge.

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