The butterfly exhibit was incredible. It is like it's own nature reserve for these butterflies to live safe and without harm. This exhibit was appealing because butterflies are beautiful; their habitat was made to look like a reserve for these creatures. Walking into the exhibit, I immediately noticed how green everything was. There was also a steady stream of water running down into a little pond and the butterflies were fluttering like crazy by it.

The most enjoyable thing to me in this exhibit was trying to let the butterflies land on me. When the one, pictured above, landed on me it was a little terrifying, but also exhilarating.


Walking through the exhibit of animal fossils and the extinct animals allowed me to appreciate and respect where we come from. The exhibit walked you through a timeline, starting millions of years ago. Seeing how the fossils were assembled and knowing that a lot of these creatures were extinct or going extinct made me feel melancholy. It made me and the people around me come to a realization that all these creatures inhabited the world before we did. It is kind of crazy to think about.

Left: Sand Tiger Shark, Right: Giant Ground Sloth (2.2 to 1.5 million years ago)

This exhibit allowed me to connect with nature because next to every fossil or mold, there was a placard that had a description of what the animal was, what they ate, how long ago they lived, etc. My friends and I felt immersed in nature and left thinking how we should feel responsible for maintaining the Earth around us and the habitats of many animals.


One of the exhibits we saw in the Natural History museum was a cave that had stalagmites in them. The museum created a life size cavern for people to walk through to get a feel of what the caves and the stalagmites look like. Living in Tallahassee my whole life, we had many fieldtrips to the Marianna Caverns. At the caverns we went down into the caves and were in the presence of real life stalagmites. The exhibit closely resembled this and I found that admirable.

This is a picture of what the stalagmites looked like (forgive the poor camera quality)

This exhibit left me feeling appreciative because to know that there are places where such cool things occur in nature is so awesome to me. Theses caves are so mysterious and it's mazing how they were formed.

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