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Our October Trip


I really enjoyed the trip because I got the chance to visit new places and get to know a lot of things from each. I am very thankful to God, to my parents, and also to the school because they made this awesome trip possible. I had a really nice experience.

Vivian Silva

Spain and Portugal


The Sagrada Familia is one of the things that I liked the most in Barcelona. I loved that I learned a lot of things there and I loved the food, specially the paella; it was delicious. I really had a great experience.

Greta Bautista

One of the things that I liked the most in this place was the food, it was delicious. I loved the restaurant that we went, it had an incredible view to the sea. We visited a lot of places in a very short time. It was incredible.

Ana Paulina Lugo

I loved that we were able to go to Barcelona´s stadium. I loved it, and it was incredible. Another thing that I loved was the Park Güell. We could take many photos and the views were incredible.

Ivette Ramírez

Zaragoza was one of the best towns we visited, there we went to the Cathedral of the "Señora de la Medida", a very nice church where the Virgin manifested herself.

Carolina Peredo


Madrid was my favorite place because we visited the Prado Museum, the Almudena Cathedral and the Royal Palace. We also went to a flamenco show where we had so much fun and ate a delicious dinner.

Macarena Vilchis

It was a wonderful experience in which I had great experiences, I got to know new traditions, food and places. I loved the Royal Palace because I love all the architecture and the history of the kings. I also loved being in the Prado Museum. It has really a lot of impressive art.

Ramalí Hernández

The thing I liked the most about Madrid was visiting the Prado Museum. We learned many things and gained lots of culture! It was a great experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Paola Zermeño


Toledo was a little but a very different and nice city. We visited the Cathedral and also a restaurant of typical food. It was really interesting that this place is where the swords are made, and it is said that the swords from the Lord of the Rings were made there. I think it was a great experience.

Valeria Celestín

On our way to Portugal we had the chance to stop by this place. We had a small tour along the city and we visited the Cathedral. I really enjoyed our day there and I hope soon I could have the opportunity to go back.

Mónica Martínez

Toledo was beautiful, although we only went one day. We knew what we needed in just one day. I loved the cathedral. Also the food there was delicious. In the end we bought crepes. And the way to get there was very cool because we had a road trip and it was just amazing.

Valeria Mitre


It was a really fun and a very pretty place with an amazing view. I got to know each of the girls and they have become my sisters. I really enjoyed learning from new culture.

Isa Hernández

It was amazing! We had a cruise tour along the Tajo river. We visited the center of the city were we had shopping and we had a nice time.

Rebecca Llano

Lisboa was awesome! The food was delicious and shopping was great. I loved the cruise tour along the Tajo river and all the monuments we visited were really ancient and beautiful.

Regina Ochoa


I liked being in Coimbra, it was a very nice and interesting place. It is a really small city with a lot of churches. We also visited the University of Coimbra and it is very traditional.

Fátima Berber

It was really amazing. I loved the food and the tour, being with my friends was awesome. It was the last place we visited in the trip. I hope I could go back.

Paola Salomón

I really liked being there. It is an ancient place with a lot of culture. We were there just a few time but it was cool. We visited the University of Coimbra and it is enormous. I hope one day I could go back.

Isabella Álvarez


It´s a really, really nice place. Inside the church I felt safe knowing that the Virgin was there with me. I felt as if our Lady of Fátima was telling me to get closer to her and her Son by praying.

Eva Marcos

We had the chance to light up a candle and leave it there symbolizing all our intentions given to our Lady of Fátima. I felt closer to the Virgin and felt a warmth in my heart. I hope I could go back there one time.

Mariana Ochoa

I really liked that we had the chance to pray the Rosary all together and it was a really nice experience. I felt as if the Virgin Mary was listening to all of our prayers.

Sofía Velasco

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