Digital Video Learning journal

So begins the learning process once again. I hope there is a lot I can take away from this course, but truth be told it's always good to have a "positive" distraction from the daily grind.

Course Orientation Task!

Well this was more difficult that first thought. Simply video yourself answering three simple questions. 14 takes later it was done and like most others, I confimred that i would rather be behind the camera then in front.

Class 1 assignment.

As a user of Premier Pro for a couple of years now, the essence of this task appeared simple, but the challenge to myself to do a good job was hardest. I set myself a high standard of achievement to reach and believe I got there. The one thing they don't teach you about editing a video is when to be happy with the final result :) I suppose more time was spent on adjusting the times of each image than was really necessary and even after viewing the final uploaded product there were even aspects that could be further refined. The addition of music also helped to convey the rising of intensity.

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