Jack Towe Multimedia Sports

This project was a highlight of the previous years state championship at Mizzou. This video starts out with a church bell sounding as there are several short clips of the school's field and some of the trophies. The first clip is a touchdown where the player knocked down one of the coaches along with the other plays to make it to the end zone. The second clip is a running back taking the ball to the end zone, while dodging and avoiding the opposing team. The third clip is a running back taking the ball from the 50 yard line all the way to end sone for a touchdown. The final clip is a shot of the football team celebrating and it fades to a clip of the scoreboard showing the final score of the game.

This is a senior profile for one of the football players on the Ladue Rams. The player is put in front of a green screen and does some sort of move or action for the video. Then I took the video and put a background in and placed text in to show his name, position, and his class. This senior profile was used on senior night and was also put on the football team's social media account to get more students interested in the football program. These videos are made so people can get to know the players better and learn more about them.

This project is an animation for the stadium to be used near the end of the game when people are starting to leave. It is a still image of a football field with a text telling people to call for a ride if they haven't already. The music is "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepson, to emphasize the message even more. This animation is used because sometimes people will go to a football game or any other game and not have a ride. This was made to prevent anyone from not having a ride home after a football game.

This animation that is designed to warn people of incoming severe weather so they can decide if they will leave early or not. It consists of a thunderstorm rolling in the background with lightning striking frequently. The text is large and colored in yellow to make it as visible as possible. The purpose of this animations is that in the case of a severe storm or potentially dangerous weather conditions. This animation specifically is reserved for when it is needed, it won't ever be played if it is not necessary.

This is a school pride animation aimed to raise the spirits of the people at the game. It consists of a thunder background with lightning that was altered to look more red than blue. The text is large and colored with a blue gradient. Finally there are 2 ram logos on each side of the text to make it clear as to what it is referring to. The text says, "Welcome To Ram Country," I chose this phrase to signify that our football team is one of the best in the area and that we are the team that is in control. Overall, this animation is mean to increase the mood and morale of the people in the stands.

This animation is a promotional video for all of the winter sports. The layout stays the same throughout the video, the first slide has an intro, the last one has a closing statement, and there is a label for each sport on each slide. First there is Hockey, then Basketball, Wrestling, and it ends with the Swim Team. The transitions are meant o resemble a projector switching between slides and the video has an overlay effect to make it look like it is being projected. This video was meant to get people hyped up and excited for the upcoming winter sports and encourage people to go to the games.

This is a highlight of of the Ladue lacrosse season of 2018-2019. It consists fo several clips of good plays and goals from the boys. The video starts out with a clip of a goal from the Ladue team and continues to show more clips. The clips are arrange in order so the weather changes with it and it slowly gets darker as the clips go on. The final clip is a goal on the opposing team that causes their goalie to fall on the ground. The video ends with a still image of a gradient, with text and logos encouraging people to get ready for the lacrosse season.