Southern Colonies Mattias a.F.

Slogan: Down here in the Southern you've got freedom, grow good crops then eat em!

Reason For Founding:

The reason for the founding of the South, was to have religious freedom, to make money, and Georgia would be the buffer to protect the Carolina's.

Geography: The Southern has very good soil, perfect for growing crops. Also speaking of growing crops, the Southern has warm weather and long growing seasons, better for crops. Even better for crops, the size down here is pretty big, lots of space for growing crops! Some natural resources here are the usual, grass, trees, those kinds of things.
Economy: So, you want to live down here in the Southern? But you're worried about making a living. Well don't worry, we have plenty of jobs for you. For example, you could grow tobacco, or plant indigo and make purple dye, then feel like a king! Or naval stores, how about pigs? You could grow rice maybe, there's always shipping, and last but not least we have slave trading.
If you would like to learn more about the Southern Colonies, then watch the video below.
Fresh Water: When you work in the South it is usually hot, so in order to keep on working and stay healthy, you are going to need to drink water. Here in the South we have warm, fresh, healthy water, and plenty of it to keep you healthy and working.
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