Lake Heart To Ainsley, Belinda, Jackie, and Katherine. For giving me the friendship I always wanted.

Chapter 1: My Life ❤️

Hi, my name’s Lake Heart. I'm a 13 year old girl who lives in Florida, Miami. If you lived my life, you probably wouldn't survive. My life at home is a very normal, but ,at school, it's different…

No, I'm not like those pretty, popular girls. I'm really not seen. I mean, I have a couple of friends, but… I'm being bullied. Being bullied is never something to ignore. You're with your friends and next thing you know it, you're being punched by your bully.

My life is like this every single day. Day by day by day. Sometimes I think that the only solution is to disappear. Like maybe if I were gone, I wouldn't have to suffer like this. I wake up every morning thinking of ending my life.

I don't know why they do it. I forgot how it felt to be free. I want to be free again and I can only do that by smiling and having to pretend that I'm all happy. My friends don't know about this. I really don't talk about my life to them and if I even try, I always get interrupted.

I feel like I'm invisible to them. It's like, I already don't exist. I try to give them clues, but they just change the subject. I really don't know how I became friends with them. I think one of them was my math partner and I let them copy my homework for a week.

We just connected in some way. I don't even know why I call them my “friends”.

School started a month ago and I already have a crush. He's in 2 of my periods which is Chemistry and History. I wouldn't say he's the smartest, but pretty cute, funny, and a perfect personality, I think…

He was my partner in Chemistry, but then I didn't know anyone. Now I'm dying to be partners with him again.

It's 8:00 P.M. and I don't know what to wear tomorrow for school!

I took a lot of thought on it and decided to wear this:

Chapter 2: New Friends 💛

‘Ling!’ ,‘Ling!’

My alarm clock had rung and I was so tired. I can't believe I stood up late just to look for something to wear!

I put on my clothes lazily, falling half asleep.

I was actually late for the bus, so my dad took me.

I'm so happy because my dad works as a businessman, so I rarely get to see him. He travels a lot for business trips. I'm actually closer to my dad than my mom. My mom’s actually my step-mom. My real mother passed 12 years ago from cancer.

She was a very hard worker. She worked as a photographer. One day, my mom had wanted to go to a place where she could feel free and just take the most beautiful pictures… so my dad had rented a cabin and they had stayed there for a month or so not knowing that they would start living there… also not knowing that they would have me… they would have to name me so my mom thought about the cabin and remembered that her favorite place was the lake. That's how I got my name. A year later she was diagnosed with cancer.

All the memories I have of her was a picture of me and her and all the times she'd tuck me in and read me a book or sing a lullaby to me every night.

My dad brought me to school and I took a deep breath. Yes, I'm scared, but I always have to be brave. I mean, I know it's not okay, but I'll just smile around like always.

By the time I got there, I saw my “friends”. I passed by them and they didn't even notice me. I don't even think we're friends… but then…

“Hey, Lake!” shouted Stephanie (one of the “friends”)

I looked back smiling. They actually noticed me! I thought.

“Yeah?” I replied back.

“You know…” she pointed to a certain spot of boys,”I see your crush”.

I don't know why I told her about my crush! “So!?” I said while blushing.

“Is it okay if I go over there and tell him?” said Stephanie.

She knew I would say no, but she went anyway. I saw her go to the group of guys and talk to him. While they were talking, Crystal (the other “friend”) came over to talk to me.

“So… Stephanie must be talking about you” said Crystal.

I didn't really believe that she was actually talking about me, but then I saw her pointing at me. Brenden (my crush) took a quick look at Crystal then me. I looked behind me as if he were looking at someone else. He looked back and talked to Stephanie again.

I didn't want to be embarrassed, so I walked fast to my next class.


I might've walked too fast. I can't believe how clumsy I am! I looked at the girl I bumped into and was going to say sorry.

“I can't believe how clumsy I am. I'm so sorry” I apologized as I helped her get up.

“You're fine really” said a girl with black hair and blonde tips.

“Are you oka—” I asked with something interrupting me.

“Oh my gosh! Are you okay Katherine!?” Asked a girl running towards us.

“Yeah, I'm alright Ainsley” said the girl with black hair, “Oh, I'm Katherine. It's nice to meet you”.

I just stared at both of them and froze. I've never made new friends. I really don't know how to make friends.

“Hello?...” Katherine said waving her hand at me, “Oh, this is Ainsley”.

“Hi there” said Ainsley waving her hand too, “What's your name”.

“I'm sorry” I apologized still frozen, “I'm Lake… Lake Heart” putting my hand out.

Katherine and Ainsley both shook my hand meaning that we were friends…

Chapter 3: Crush 💚

Ainsley, Katherine, and I walked down the hallway just talking. I really can't believe that I made new friends. Usually I wouldn't say anything and people would just walk away. It was time to make new friends though. I've been lonely for eight years already!

“Hey, Katherine” I said while Katherine stopped talking to Ainsley, “How long have you guys been at this school?”.

“We're new to this school. How about you?” asked Katherine.

“Basically… my whole life” I replied.


“There's the bell” said Katherine, “Ainsley and I have the same class. Bye, Lake!”.

Katherine and Ainsley walked to the opposite direction of me…

I was heading to class hoping I'm not late.

I got there almost late because right when I got in, the tardy bell had rung.

I sat down anywhere because everyone already had a partner to sit next to.

Suddenly, during our lesson, someone had knocked on the door.

‘Knock!’ ‘Knock!’

Mrs. Stevens (my English teacher) opened the door and I saw a boy with brownish-blonde hair with hazel eyes. He was cute, but I wondered what he was doing here.

“Okay class,” said Mrs. Stevens, “This is our new student. His name is… Jordon!”.

Of course I wasn't listening. I was too tired to care. I was like half asleep through our lesson.

‘Ring!' 'Ring!'

The bell had rung as I was putting my things into my backpack. I didn't notice, but Jorge… Jacob… (whatever his name was) was sitting next to me. I can't believe how blind I am!

“Oh, hey there” I said, “Bye now”.

I was so embarrassed that I just walked out of the door. But as I did… girls came in through the doors just to see that Joseph guy. I'm not jealous, just that, I would want some friends picking me up after class ended.

I walked through the halls to the picnic tables just thinking about my life. So far, I haven't seen any of my bullies yet. So that's good.

As I walked through the halls—


Not again! I bumped into another person! My life was officially ruined!

“Oh my god! Are you okay!?” I said worryingly, “I'm so sorry”. I tried to help him up, but he did it himself. Seems like he was in a bad.

“You're fine” he said, “I'm sorry. I wasn't looking where I was going. By the way, I'm Brenden”... He looked up at my face and I was embarrassed! I just bumped into my crush! What am I supposed to say!? And what am I supposed to do!?

“Oh, I'm Lake” I said, “It's nice to meet you… Brenden”. I was blushing, but covered my cheeks by looking down in a sorry way. Then I looked up because I really wanted to see him close-up.

“Hey, aren't you Stephanie’s friend?” Brenden asked.

“Kind of…” I said looking and walking slowly away to get out of the conversation, “You see…”.

I told him how Stephanie, Crystal, and I became “friends”.

“How do feel now? Do you really want to continue being friends with them?” Brenden asked.

“I really… don't know…” I said sadly, “I don't know how to end things and how to move on with it”.

'Ring!' 'Ring!'

“Bye Brenden! It was nice meeting you! And talking to you!” I said leaving to my next class (which is math).

“You too” Brenden replied back.

At that moment… I felt like Brenden wasn't even my crush… I felt like

Chapter 4: Bullies 🖤

After like five more hours, school was finally over. I walked out of the school doors for the first time smiling so happily.

It didn't last long because I could see Bullies like ten feet away from me. I didn't know what to do at first, so I just thought about walking past them. As I did,

“She must be really blind!” said one of the Bullies laughing. Then, he caught me on the shoulder.

That was all I could remember… my mind seemed to be blank. I really couldn't see or hear anything… until…

someone came and said,“Stop! Stop!”, grabbed me by the hands and ran, “Are you okay? Could you see me? I'm taking you to the hospital”.

Next thing I know it, I was running as fast as I could. I thought the Bullies were right behind us…

Chapter 5: New Kid 💙

I tried to open my eyes, but there were really bright lights on top of me. I could tell that I was at the hospital. As I opened my eyes, this boy suddenly appeared. He was sitting on one of those patient chairs. He was asleep though. He looked… tired. Then, I looked at him harder and saw that it was that new kid from school!

I have so many questions! What happened while I was out? What happened to those bullies? Why did he help me out? Do my parents know what had happened?...

I just stared at him as he slept. Waiting for him to wake up already. I wanted to go on my phone so I would know what's going on and to text people, but I didn't seem to find it. I remembered the last time was when I was holding it while the Bullies were bullying me. I didn't know what happened next.

I have know choice, but to wait till he wakes up.

It felt like forever already! Seems like he would never wake up! Since it seemed so long, I decided to get up and at least look for my phone…

I got up and he still seemed to be asleep. I looked around him, (just in case the doctors gave it to him to give it to me till I wake up) but there was nothing. I tried looking in his hands, so I got closer…

Maybe I got too close because his eyes slowly opened!

I was freaking out! I mean imagine that you suddenly wake up with a random girl in front of your face! I don't know what to do! What do I say?!...

He woke up and I didn't know how to get out of his face, so I just stood there…

It really was an awkward moment.

“So… you're awake, huh?”, I said at an awkward moment. “I was just looking for my phone…,” I said while he was trying to get up, “No need to get up… just go back to sleep”.

He sat back down and actually fell back asleep… I thought to stop looking for my phone, so I decided to go back to bed… but as I did,... I tripped on the legs of the bed… I almost would have fallen, but I was instead, staring at the ground… I felt someone's arms holding onto me… then I looked forward and saw… Jordon! I felt so embarrassed!

“I'm so sorry” I said as I got out of his arms, “You could get back to sle—”.

“I know you have lots of questions for me” he said, “Ask away. I'll answer all of them”.

“Okay… what happened while I was out… and what's the date?” I asked.

“Basically, I saw that you were being bullied , so then I came and helped—” he said.

“Why? Why did you help me?” I asked.

“Because I've been bullied too. I know how you feel. I've been in your shoes before and it's not good. It doesn't feel good either… so I came and helped you out by running and taking you to the hospital. The doctor had said you had a bruised cheek, broken rib, and dislocated arm. There was a couple of surgeries on you. After that, we had to wait til you got up—” Jake said.

“What about my parents?” I asked.

“It's been a week. We thought you were in a coma. You're parents stayed day and night to wait til you got up. The doctor thought they should have some sleep, so I decided to stay for the night—” Jordon said.

“And about the bullies? What happened to them?” I asked.

“They got separated from the district and went to separate schools… and sorry for your phone… as we ran it slipped from your hand and broke” Jake said.

“It's okay… i mean, I could always get a new one” I said with nothing to worry about.

After that, we went back to sleep before we would tell the doctors that I was awake, but I couldn't sleep. He helped because he's been in the same position as me. He must feel the same as I do. I want to thank him, but he was asleep already…

Chapter 6: Free at Last 💜

it was the next day, Jake was going to take me to my house. It was nice of him to take care of me, but I still didn't say thanks.

“So… where to?” asked Jake.

“I thought we were going to my house?” I asked confused.

“Yeah, but shouldn't you explore more out in the city while you're free?” Jake asked.

“Ummm… alright?” I said while Jake cheered.

“Let's go to… I Don't Know”, I said trying to think really hard, "… surprise me".

The trip didn't even take too long. Seemed like we were there in just seconds. I really don't know where we are right now. I looked out the window, and saw green grass, tall trees, and kids running everywhere. From me just looking at it, I loved the place already.

"Where are we, Jake?" I wondered, "And... why did you decide to bring me here?".

"This is Rosewood Park... One of the most famous parks in Miami," Jake said while I was looking out the window fascinated, "I brought you here because whenever I was little I loved this place so much. Where you could relax and take your mind off things... Let's go out there and see how much more amazing it is!".

Jake opened the door for me and I ran straight hoping to see more... and there was much more...

The park wa so huge! It was the biggest perks I've ever seen! I saw people walking their dogs, playing with their children, spending time in the trees, jogging,...etc. No wonder Jake decided to bring me here.

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