Walking The Camino Pushing Back against your fears


Traveling To Another Country

The idea of traveling to another country, not knowing the language, walking in unknown places, staying with groups of unknown people - just felt like the worse possible idea ever. But here I was!

I carried this map weeks before leaving America, trying to reassure myself that I wouldn't get lost.


There were these bright yellow shells and arrows all along the way to guide pilgrims along their journey. It was so amazing not to have to try and use your cell phone and GPS and simply rely on these markings.


Walking the Camino would require facing all my fears.

I don't like crowds. Here we are at customs after landing in the United Kingdom at Gatwick Airport.

Nor Do I like Flying!

Luckily I had my wife with me to hold my hand along the way.


But walking I love. The country was so magical and diverse.

Succulents growing along an ancient rock wall.


Many had walked before us, this we knew. This pilgrimage, this trail, was over 1000 years old. People have been walking the Camino and all 500 kilometers, way before we arrived.

We did our walk in the Spring of 2016 and while it was nice and cool - it rained nearly every day and as desert dwellers, we grew exhausted from wearing damp clothes and walking in the mud.


We would only pack 15-20 pounds of weight each, which was difficult to accomplish knowing it would be cold and rainy.


So many unique accommodations. This one took the cake. It was a large storage unit with rock walls, locking slider doors, one light, two cots, freezing cold and zero windows.

But then, the next day we would discover a beautiful bedroom to stay in within someone's house.


Every town had a church, some bigger than others but always amazingly. I was in complete awe over the beauty of the churches, the history and the architecture.



The size of the art and amount of art was so difficult to capture with my iPhone 5 but the image will always carry a memory.

We toured every church we could stumble upon.

Great Times

And we had so many great moments - every day - rain or shine.

Small memorable moments.



One never knows what they will encounter when they face their fears straight on. Yes, it is scary. But sometimes, mostly in looking back, there is no regret, just joy.


Is the Camino magical due to its long spiritual history? Nobody could say. I do know that the journey was one of the most trying and memorable times I've ever had.


So many moods over so many miles.

The Bigger Picture

Maybe we will return, maybe I discovered just enough courage to take another journey - but facing fear is something anyone can do at any time at zero cost.

Get out there and Make It Happen!

Created By
Pamela Ravenwood


Photos by Pamela Ravenwood or Bonnie Sedan.

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