The Communist Manifesto - Part 2 Propaganda project

The purpose of my propaganda is to show Americans that Stalin and Russia can and will kill millions of people because they have no mercy. My goal is to try and invoke fear of Russia and the communists within Americans. Matt and I used the theme of benefits vs disadvantages of communism, hence my personal theme, Communism Is Death since I am the United States. My poster shows a picture of piles of severed Russian heads. This is to portray how much of a killer Stalin really was. By showing these piles of cut-off heads the American’s realize that if Stalin can slaughter so many of his own people, he will not care about killing U.S. lives. The Americans will be scared and now want to join the military to fight the savage commies so that they do not infringe on our freedom. This specific picture is most likely after Stalin set a quota for each soldier to have a number of people accused and executed because of capital crimes. These soldiers would unfairly and unjustly accuse people because of random tips, and the person accused will usually not have a trial. What I learned about U.S./Soviet relations during this time from this project were that the U.S. was scared of how brutal and cruel the Soviets and communists were in general.

The purpose of this propaganda is to show how Soviet Union could surpass the United States with the power of their Communist systems. They also showed that communism could only spread and could not be contained because Stalin was such a cruel, ambitious leader who would do anything to spread communism. The image that shown is of a bear wearing a necklace of the Communist symbol, “hammer and sickle”, with the bear climbing over Russia and onto other countries. The arrows are showing the spread of communism will spread through, USA, Cuba, W. Europe, Syria, The Gulf, Africa, and china. The phrase chosen is “Our Communism Will Never Stop Spreading”. I chose this because it shows how the U.S.S.R wanted communism to spread even though the United states was completely against it. During this project I learned that the Soviet relations with propaganda was that they emphasized a lot more with topics about leaders and things that make The Motherland look like it is ruling the world.

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