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i am a student of indian high school, doing my grade 11 as an ARTS student. i am an artist and good public speaker. i believe that one should DISCOVER their capability and CREATE wonders. i may be a growing teenager but i am also tomorrow's future. I have always been passionate about dance and my latest interest is in photography. i have a dream of being a wildlife photographer.

my photography work

Media club

While hunting for a platform to begin the quest for my passion, i came across the the various clubs our school provided. one among them was "the media club". This club has provided us, the members, to learn more about different applications and more on how we should handle the camera, what editing looks like, how to catch the attention of the audience, to compare and contrast the various applications that could be used and what the process of making a media piece is.

Our journey this year to learn is atlas successful. we learnt and created, discovered the existing choices and also decided on what we could do and what we cant.

our team- we together discover and create
  • My first media at the club

Being a beginner in photography, all i knew was to click pictures. The club taught me that in photography there different angles from which a different message is passed.

Our topic this year was on "pressure on students". With immense research and using our own ideas we created media pieces on this topic.

our learning included understanding each others views and ideas, trying different softwares and applications that could be used for making a media, topic related photography classes, relating the topic to us as students, analysing others point, writing story board on the topic for making media pieces, and so much more.

discussions and brainstorming

Lessons on camera tricks

Sessions on the basics of camera and angles to shoot the videos were among the most interesting ones. We learned how to create a frame and how to bring in the attention of the viewers on what is to be noticed. Some of the best works are the camera tricks,which is all about the positioning of the objects and the frame work.

trying out camera tricks


photography credits- hamna iqbal, rajshri ram mohan and team

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