Indiez for Godrej Software Development - Web, Android & iOS

Scope of WorK

Android & iOS applications to enable users to control and monitor appliances, get relevant content on food and cooking, create content and engage with the community.

  • Monitor the status of appliances/the food being cooked
  • Control the appliances
  • Provide real-time instructions while cooking (in case of one of the appliances)
  • Personalise content (at feed level and at recipe level) for the user, based on his/her preferences (taste/health/cuisine), skill level, time of the day, location, state of appliances, Facebook activity/likes, and previous usage pattern
  • Create new recipes and modify existing recipes, and share those with other users
  • Like and curate themed lists of recipes created by Godrej Appliances and other users
  • Collaboratively decide at household level what to cook (list of regularly cooked dishes in a particular household, individual preferences in those dishes, sending suggestions to each other in a household about what should be cooked and eventually deciding etc.)
  • App integration and testing with Appliance Hardware (Bluetooth , Wifi)
  • Over the air appliance firmware upgrades

Analytics dashboard for backend of the applications to enable Godrej Appliances to track app usage pattern, track usage pattern of the appliances and track issues.

  • Track app usage pattern (e.g. how much time users are spending on different screens of the app and how frequently they are using those)
  • Track usage pattern of the kitchen appliances (across geographies, across time of the day, across demographic profiles etc.)
  • Track issues with the appliances (if and when they arise) so that Godrej Appliances can help users with troubleshooting
  • Track trending content
  • Enable profiling of users based on their preferences and actual device use, so that relevant communication can be sent to them from time to time

Post launch upgrades

  • Enabling users to use voice command (NLP) to retrieve relevant information from one of the appliances and to control it
  • Enabling users to buy ingredients of a recipe and cooking accessories (integration with third party services)
  • Improving content feed of users based on data collated from other smart devices (such as fitness band)
  • Predicting maintenance needs of the appliances


Phase 1 - Product Definition

  • Detailing of the features- product requirements document with epics and user stories
  • Detailing of the technical architecture in collaboration with the firmware team
  • Review of design assets and existing APIs (if any) with recommended additions/changes
  • Detailing implementation plan - sprints schedule, resource planning, testing strategy

Phase 2 - Design and Development

Agile principles along with scrum methodologies, test driven development, behaviour driven development, continuous integration, automated DevOps, regular code reviews will be applied in order to keep shipping, testing and iterating on features in an effective and efficient manner

  • Agile Principles - Do less of everything and keep delivering ready to use features. This ensures faster and more robust delivery.
  • Scrum Methodologies - Set of processes and use of artefacts for delivery as per agile principles. This includes sprint plan, review, retrospective, daily stand-ups, etc.
  • Test Driven Development - Fail test -> Pass test -> Refactor -> … ensures top quality code
  • Behaviour Driven Development - Gives context to developers on what they are building so that decisions are application driven
  • Continuous Integration- To ensure efficient deployment and continuous acceptance testing
  • Code Reviews - To identify code smells for correction and opportunities for refactoring (more modular code)

Phase 3 - Production Testing

Basis the testing strategy identified, detailed functional, stress, load and security testing will be executed manually and automatically using emulators, devices and testing tools.

  • Documentation Standards - Best in class documentation standards for product and technical documentation will be followed
  • Communication Protocols - Regular communication through Slack, Daily common work window and Regular review and sync up calls
  • Feedback and Iteration Cycles - Adequate time will be provided for feedback and iterations to ensure expected output is achieved

Product and Technology Recommendations

Technical Architecture

The problem in itself will be high on throughput where several devices will be emitting loads of signals/events to the server. To address the scale, we recommend the following deployment model (See Diag) -> All the requests will be routed via an elastic load balancer with automatic scaling of server so that in an event of higher loads, a new server cloud automatically gets spawned to address the issue. Given the application will be high on throughput and IO operation we recommend Node.JS as its backend due to its asynchronous and evented nature.

Android & iOS (As requested in RFP)

Native Mobile Applications [Technologies - Java (Android); Swift 3.0 (iOS)]- Significantly larger community and knowledge base for IoT applications as compared to frameworks including React Native, PhoneGap, Ionic, Tamarin; Significantly better performance and reduced development time for bluetooth two way communication.

Third party libraries and cocoa pods will be selected after reviewing firmware.

Development and Testing Tools: Android Studio, Xcode, TestFlight, Crashlytics, Diawi, Android & iOS Devices for testing

Compatibility: Android API Version 18 and above (Bluetooth 4.0 is compatible V18+ only; Android Version 5 corresponds to API Version 21), iOS SDK Version 8 and above for Swift. Java ME - Not possible

Data Science

  • Contextual Predictions through rule based and ML modelled analyses of user usage - This will enable the app to predict user behaviour and recommend actions on the basis of the same. For eg - If a user heats water everyday at a particular time, the app can suggest the setting at the identified time.
  • Personalized Recommendations using correlation techniques on all users' usage graphs - Similar to how Facebook builds social graphs of its users, we will build usage graphs and correlate them to deliver personalized recommendations.

The scope for above has been incorporated in the technical architecture. The details will be fleshed out in Phase 1 after detailed collaborative sessions.

Natural Language Processing

We recommend giving a persona to the app and create an experience such that the user can talk to the app for instructions and recommendations. If this is decided to be central to the experience of the app, the use cases will be clearly defined and taken up in Phase 1.

Data Security and Privacy

We will be employing military and finance grade data security practices including dual layer encryption over data transfer, all connections enabled over SSL, HTTPS, rigorous stress tests, certification standard protocols, etc. A security engineer will review all development check-ins.


  • 1 Sr. Product Consultant
  • 1 Sr. Project Manager
  • 2 Project Managers
  • 1 Sr. Technical Architect
  • 1 Security Architect and Engineer
  • 1 DevOps Architect and Engineer
  • 2 Engineering Leads
  • 3 Backend Engineers
  • 3 Android Engineers
  • 3 iOS Engineers
  • 2 Frontend Engineers
  • 1 Data Scientist
  • 3 QA

Sample Profiles

Sr. Product Consultant

Nitin has previously consulted CXOs of large technology companies on IoT, Big Data Analytics, Data Visualization and Personalization algorithms. His experience includes extensive product management experience at Zynga, preceded by short stints at Yahoo and Adobe. An IIT Kharagpur and IIM Bangalore graduate, Nitin is an Indiez X member and well suited to take on this opportunity.

Sr. Project Manager

Know for his top work ethic and people management skills, Chandresh has managed large scale projects for GulfTalent, BookMyShow, Aptech, Interskale and Fashion Networks. An ISB and ISM graduate, Chandresh is one of the finest Project Managers that we have and his LinkedIn profile testimonials speak volume about the same.

Project Manager

After having founded 3 startups backed by large VCs and acquired at early stages, Abhishek now manages projects with Indiez along with his passion for teaching programming to underprivileged children. An IIT Delhi, Computer Science graduate, he has also worked with the Delhi govt. education ministry to deploy on-ground large technology systems.

Sr. Technical Architect

A rare combination of genius and humility, Ankit (an NUS grad) has advised large enterprises on digital transformations (including IoT) as an independent consultant. His experience of building similar systems makes him a sought after IoT architectby companies like Indiez, McKinsey, IBM and more. With 2 patents in search and segmentation, Ankit is a data science buff and has also been the lead Data Scientist at Fractal Analytics.

Security Architect and Engineer

With 6+ years of experience in Application Security including 3 years of Security Research, Ajin consults American and Canadian technology companies and teaches 7000+ students from 70 different countries on various security domains. He has authored Mobile Security Framework and OWASP Xenotix XSS Exploit Framework, which was voted as the Top 5th Security tool for two consecutive years (2013 and 2014).

DevOps Architect and Engineer

After securing AIR 3 in IIT-JEE and completing his Bachelors in Computer Science from IIT Bombay, Amrose went on to work with talented teams in the Bay Area including startups- SnapLogic and Tribal technologies, and large scale financial enterprise- American Express.

Engineering Lead

An IIT Bombay Computer Science graduate, Saurabh has had extensive cross platform experience across multiple technologies as the Co-founder and CTO of TinyOwl and one of the first engineers at

Backend Engineer

An IIT Delhi Computer Science graduate, Sumeet led the backend development of Zomato Order and product development of a beacon based dine-in product for order and payment experiences in the Middle East market. Sumeet has also been a Technical Owner for Indiez' flagship IoT project.

Backend Engineer

An IIT Bombay Electrical Engineering graduate, Srijan co-founded and led the engineering team at Leaf Technologies (Sequoia Capital backed home automation startup).

Android Engineer

Nayanesh's experience includes working with Hotstar, Snapdeal, Cognizant and Huawei. Having developed 40+ apps, he has solid background in object-oriented analysis and design with good command over Core JAVA.

iOS Engineer

An IIT Bombay graduate, Manas led the iOS team at TinyOwl after climbing up his way in a short time. With Indiez, Manas has developed and been code reviewer on 5 applications for some of the best Indian mobile app products out there.

Data Scientist

After completing her Masters at UCLA, Vineesha has had extensive data science experience across e-commerce, real estate and fintech companies including Amazon, and Paysense.

RElevant experience

  1. Bamboo - Stealth-mode technology company that specializes in Business2Employee state of the art context aware, event triggered and behavior analytics powered personalized digital services.
  2. Leaf Technologies - Home Automation System
  3. Zomato - Beacons-enabled order and payment product for restaurants in Middle East


Timeline: To be estimated after Phase - 1. Expected: 5-6 months; effort can be reduced through reduction in scope and reduction on fidelity of testing standards

Project Price: To be estimated after Phase 1 - Expected: INR 2-3 crores (excluding taxes and third party services/tools)

Maintenance Price: Variable depending upon the team requirement: For full team as mentioned above ~ INR 50 lacs/month


Contact: Ishan Shrivastava (Co-founder & CEO), +91 8427601863,

By Indiez Technologies Private Limited (Raheja Vihar, Chandivali, Mumbai 400072)

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