Creatures, LLC is a faith-based media production company focusing on educational, entertaining and inspiring content for kids.

The Creatures Nature Show is filling a content void that already has a demand. Family-oriented films continue to be the most successful genre, and according to analysis by MovieGuide, wholesome content continues to generate higher revenue both at the box office and on home video.



Most Christian programming lacks the quality seen in mainstream nature content. On the other hand, mainstream content lacks biblical perspective.

Creatures, LLC, has both.

Creatures, LLC's flagship product is its creation-based nature production: The Creatures Nature Show.

Picture a Christian PLANET EARTH-like show for kids



Trailer for Planet Earth II

Picture this...

To have a show of this caliber with God at the very center. That is Creatures' goal.

Our show will be based on the biblical perspective of intelligent design.

The younger years are the most critical to a child’s mental and spiritual development. The Creatures Nature Show will be a catalyst to encourage young minds to develop a greater understanding of God as our Creator and Savior and His purpose for all of His creation.

Entertainment today has a profound influence on the psycho-social development of children.

Parents, grandparents, families and pastors are understandably concerned about what kids are continually exposed to.

Because negative media is constantly streaming to their smart devices, there is a growing need for inspiring content with a Christian worldview.

This is why more people are seeking family-friendly movies and entertainment than R-rated content.

Media has a continually renewing market; each year millions of potential viewers are born.

A successful faith-based nature show has the potential to create revenue for years to come. More importantly, it has the potential to influence kids year after year.

Here’s an opportunity to invest in the future of our Children.

Our content is produced to compete with main stream media and will be the ONLY content of its kind in the Christian market today.

We capture our footage in 8K resolution, which is 16 times better then today's standard High Definition.

We will capture original never before seen nature footage using the industry's latest technology, which will ensure a lasting product for generations.

The Creatures Nature Show will be narrated in all commonly spoken languages in the world.

English - Chinese - Spanish - Portuguese - French - Hindi - Arabic - German - Russian - Tagalog - Czech - Japanese - Romanian - Indonesian - Italian - Korean

We are considering the following individual as our potential English narrator:

Christopher Michael Pratt has around 29.4 million followers on Instagram.
Chris is is an American actor, known for starring in both television and action films. Chris is one of the most outspoken Christian actor in the film industry today. Chris loves bugs, kids and God, which makes him ideal for the role of The Creatures Nature Show narrator.

The talent behind Creatures, LLC.


Below is a teaser video of Southern California. This is a low budget video created from Creatures' test footages.



These creative minds bring decades of experience in the film industry. Furthermore, the team is backed by a board of advisors that includes spiritual council, biologists, parents, business strategists, educators, legal advisors, editorial advisors, writers and film-makers.

The Creatures Nature Show will be shot by industry's best from Planet Earth and Disneynature to veterans from National Geographic and the Jacques Cousteau Society.

15 seasons are planned for the Creatures Nature Show. Each season will contain 7 episodes.

The first season will study insects up close, some of the smallest yet most important of God’s creation.

Each of the 7 episodes in the first season will be dedicated to the story of an insect and its life-cycle. We plan on highlighting the challenges each one faces as it goes through its journey in life.

Season One: Helpful Bugs

The Life Cycle of a Butterfly | A Ladybug's Adventure | City of Ants | Cool Bugs | When Insects Fly | The Hopping Bugs | The Sweet Life of Honey Bees

The second season of the Creatures Nature Show will be dedicated to reptiles, fun-looking creatures that at times look like tiny dinosaurs!

Season Two: Reptiles Profiles

Great Tortoises of the Galapagos | Friendly Snakes | I Sea Turtles | The Desert Horned Lizard | The Tiny Leaf Chameleon | Crocodiles of the Sea | Komodo Dragons

Future seasons:

Creatures of the US | Creatures of the Amazon | Creatures of Fiji | Creatures of South Africa | Creatures of Costa Rica | Creatures of China | Creatures of Canada | Creatures of Australia | Creatures of New Zealand | Creatures of the Sea | Creatures of India | Creatures of the Democratic Republic of the Congo | Creatures of the UK | Creatures of Russia | Creatures of South Korea

And the most important season,

God's Greatest Creation: Kids

Beyond the Creatures Show

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